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Oct 28, 2012
Hey guys here is my sale thread, if you dont like the price make me an offer they arent set in stone :)

I have decided to sell my entire collection. I have taken the majority of the prices off eBay if you think the price is off let me know as i say I'm open to offers. Some i haven't had chance to price yet, I've listed them all incase anyone really wants them then i can prioritise pricing them or send me an offer :)

I have never been a OCD collector but a lot of my steelbooks I'm selling are mint and sealed, if you are a OCD buyer please speak to me first.
All prices are for each dvd.

If you want pictures just send me a PM I don't mind

I prefer paypal Gift but if want to use goods im fine with that but you have to cover the fee's.


Postage included in the price for the UK
Happy to post wherever in the world, but buyer pays postage internationally.

Ebay profile : Chrisrout

All Sealed and mint unless stated otherwise


Alice in wonderland £40
Brave 3d £30
Beauty and Beast Cartoon 3d £30
Bambi £40
Beauty and beast (emma Watson) 3d £25
Lion King Remake 3d £35
Cinderella Remake £35
Cinderella Cartoon £40
Cars 2 not sealed mint£15
Cars 3 3d £30
Good Dinosaur 3d £22
Dumbo £40
Wreck it ralph £25
hunchback of Notre dame £50
Frozen 3d £35
fox and hound £55
Planes £30
Pinocchio £40
Peter Pan £40
Monsters University £22
The little mermaid – Metal Flake edition 13/25 made by zesty and howiesteed £50
Lion King 3D (live action) £35
the jungle book (cartoon) £35
the rescuers £40
tangled 3d £45
Sleeping Beauty £50
moana 3d £40
finding dory 3d £25
Incredibles Monzo £70


The Departed £50
Harry Potter full collection including box, box little dink on top of box £400 (deathly part 1 has rip in cellophane in the corner)
The town £65
star trek into the darkness £35
snow white and the huntsman £30
Pirates of the Caribbean the curse of the black pearl £100
Pirates of the Caribbean dead mans chest £100
Pirates of the Caribbean at worlds end £100
Pirates of the caribbean on stranger tides metal box not steelbook £60
inglorious bastards not sealed but mint £100
Les Miserables x 2 £60
Django Unchained x 2 £50
watchmen Dent top right corner £60
Lord of the rings Jumbo Steel book Not sealed, UK disks inside small dent £50


dawn of planet of the apes not sealed but mint £10
dark shadows rip in cellophane £15
cabin in the woods not sealed mint £20
Bourne legacy x2 £15
cowboys and aliens not sealed but mint £30
american sniper £20
the amazing spiderman not sealed but mint £20
amazing spiderman 2 Sealed but rip in cellophane (not lenti) £25
London has fallen Sealed but rip in cello £15
dark knight rises not sealed mint £10
the wolverine £40
wanted mint not sealed£5
2012 not sealed mint£20
21 jump street £18
22 jump street £11
sherlock Holmes game of shadows not sealed mint £13
total recall not sealed but mint(farrell)£15
Thor not sealed but mint £50
taken 3 not sealed but mint £25
super 8 not sealed but mint £10
star wars new hope empire and return £50
star wars 1, 2, 3 £50
snow white and the huntsman not Sealed but Mint £10
rise of the planet of the apes not sealed but mint £17
resident evil retribution Sealed but rip on cellophane £15
scarface £25
Salt not sealed but mint £10
Paul not sealed by mint£11
Pirates of the caribbean on stranger tides not sealed but mint £10
Jurassic World £25
Jaws £75
Jack Reacher £20
The hunger games Mocking jay part 1 £30
The martian £26
Man of Steel 3D £20
Looper £25
Green Lantern HMV not sealed but mint £15
Green Hornet HMV Sealed but ripped cellophane £18
Hunger Games not sealed but mint £10
Hunger Games Catching Fire £15
Gravity 3D £19
Die Hard Good day to die hard x 2 £10
Hitman agent 47 £25
Fast and furious 5 not sealed but mint £7
Fast and furious 6 not sealed but mint £7
Fantastic beasts and where to find them 3D £35
The expendables not sealed but mint £8
ET £22
Enders games £18
Edge of tomorrow £35
Jurassic Park Ultimate Trilogy Red Tin, slip ripped tin good cond one small scratch on side £55


captain america winter soldier 3d £35
despicable me 2 £15
commando £55
aviator £55
anchorman £20
alien anthology £70
Mission impossible rogue nation £20
Batman forever £40
Batman returns £45
batman begins £22
batman and robin £40
dark knight rises £25
sixth sense £50
Rambo first blood part 2 £35
Rambo first blood part 3 £22
Mechanic resurrection £15
xmen origins wolverine £55
batman dark knight £45
men £45
X2 Xmen united £45
300 zavvi £35
star trek (white) x 4 £20
star trek (black) x 2 £20
roger rabbit £42
rocketeer £40
robo cop (colour front) £18
saving private Ryan £45
Seven Psychopaths Hi-Def Ninja Exclusive 20/500 with magnet and art card and numbered card - £40
Seven Psychopaths Hi-Def Ninja Exclusive 242/500 with magnet and art card and numbered card - £40
Seven Psychopaths Hi-Def Ninja Exclusive 400/500 with slip, magnet and art card and numbered card - £40
Seven - £45
Thor Ragnarök 3d £30
Thor the dark world 3d Sealed rip in cellophane - £25
Non-stop £20
Pain and Gain £35
Pacific Rim 3d z not sealed but mint £15
Point break £58
Mission impossible 2 - £25
Mission impossible 3 - £30
Life of Pi 3d - £20
Indiana Jones raiders of the lost arc - £55
Indiana Jones the last crusade - £60
Indian Jones temple of Doom - £45
Indiana Jones kingdom of the crystal skull - £40
Hulk - £55
Heat x 2 - £40
forrest Gump - £30
Pirates of the caribbean salazars revenge 3d - £40
The fifth element - £60


battle royal cellophane ripped arrow steelbooks £32
xmen first class £34
Terminator 2 not sealed but mint £30
taken not sealed but mint £20
Sweeney Todd not sealed but mint £8
Shawshank Redemption not sealed but mint 4 disk £15
The Raid not sealed but mint £35
Iron man 2 not sealed but mint £37
Mission Impossible Ghost Protocol not sealed but mint £15
Man on Fire £45
lawless £25


divergent uk £19
bad grandpa £15
walking dead series 3 £20
walking dead series 2 £20
2 guns £12
Star trek into darkness x 2 £25
Jack Ryan Shadow Recruit £20
GI Joe Retaliation x 9 £20


UP 1409/2000 SM £70
wreck it ralph 697/2000 and 1489/2000 £55
real steel with coin 20 £90
Face-off 1109/2000 £75
Jack Reacher 8/1000 £60
Rio - £50


monsters inc 236/800 £80
monster inc holo front 838/1200 £80
tangled holo front 850/1300 £110
tangled 660/700 £110
Le Grand Bleu j card 1/4 Slip 346/500 £85
Le Grand Bleu Full slip 341/1500 £85


The fall not steelbook

Skyfall - £17


dredd 3d couple of chips on edges £35


american beauty - £90
warrior - £18
zombie land - £30
wanted not sealed marks on front £35
TRON 3d spineslash sealed other than that mint x1 £40
TRON 3d x1 £60
resident evil 1-4 quadrilogy not sealed but mint media market £60
rango £45
Saw £35
Iron man not sealed but mint £50
Iron man 2 £50
Iron man 3 £50
Matrix trilogy Sealed but ripped cellophane £55
I am Legend £50
Hangover £20
Hangover 2 £15
Gangster squad not sealed but mint £30


dark knight japan (come with custom zesty sleeve) £125
batman begins (come with custom zesty sleeve) £125
dark knight rises zesty exclusive matches JP edition (no disk) £50


watchmen directors cut
Limitless not sealed but mint £75
Django Unchained Target £40
Elf £50


terminator salvation x 2 £20


Steel book from Scanavo with T-shirt promo edition limited £100


Iron man 3 2d and 3d Jsdvd.com with Mug x 2 £80


Inception £26
Django Unchained 0906/1000 £60


Hobbit the unexpected journey 3d 68 page art book x2 £70
Hobbit the unexpected journey film cell and bookmark included £60


splinter cell black list empty case £12
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Damn sproutyrouty. You're spamming the forum like crazy!? Now, I'm new here so I don't what your rules are around this forum, but my guess would be it's not completely okay to bump your own thread(s) something like 10 times over a few days lol
Relax, I'm sure if somebody is interested they'll see your stuff.

She is perfectly OK to bump once a day so she's not spamming.
She is perfectly OK to bump once a day so she's not spamming.

Lmao Ricker that post is like more than a year old! :hilarious: I know the game around here perfectly fine now, thank you. Old forums, old habits ya know... Guess I was a little bitchy back then lol

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