4K UHD Unbreakable (4K + Blu-ray) [USA]

Jan 31, 2014
Release date: TBA
Purchase link: TBA
Price: TBA

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Aug 12, 2020
Finally. Silly that the other two have been on 4k for years now buy not this. Surprised that there's no trilogy 4k set as well.

Also, when are Disney going to spend the $2 and have someone competent redesign their horrendous looking 4k strip on top and get rid of their super lame ultimate collector's edition moniker on every release.
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Aug 9, 2016
Bring it on!

And while you're at it... The Village.
I noticed The Village is on Amazon Prime now, in HD. So they could at least give us a blu-ray release of it, finally. Would love a steelbook of that to go with the other Shyamalan steels Zavvi released some time ago. And if someone wants to do a premium edition of the whole Unbreakable trilogy, that would be fine with me, too.
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