Untitled Lord Of The Rings Film - In theaters TBA


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Dec 28, 2012
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Title: Untitled Lord Of The Rings Film

Genre: Fantasy

Plot: A new film based on the novels.
Dear god... or should i say FFS.
Might as well do remake of every fu*king movie... They lost it :p
Can't wait for the obligatory "middle earth will become more inclusive and diverse than ever" marketing line. No idea if Warner and New Line had anything to do with The Rings of Power (would be weird if they hadn't since amazon bought the rights even though Warner still seems to have them too) but if they have, no one is going to watch these films. I'm just glad to have all the books at home and the Jackson movies. That's everything you'll need really.
Hollywood just lost all my respect....

Don't see any encouraging words, they just said they'll 'see', like parents answer to any nagging kid's question.

Either way, anyone being asked anything in Hollywood nowadays is like a prisoner of a Nazi concentration camp, afraid of a firing squad, or a citizen on Putin's national TV.
Wokeness killed all creativeness...

This is exactly the reason why I'm re-watching all my '80 & '90 movies these days, where creativity overruled the Let's-get-victimized minority.
These days a man identified as a dog can have Hollywood ban Lassie due to Lassie being to 'White'....
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