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Mar 20, 2013
Decided I should finally get around to setting up one of these threads for all of my extra Steels, Digibooks, etc... Mainly interested in trading for my want list right now, but have listed prices for many items where I have just decided I don't need to keep a sealed copy as well. Prices are generally negotiable and I am happy to consider package deals or multiple steels for one, trade + $$, etc...

Listed prices are in US Dollars and for payment by PayPal goods (fees included) and include free shipping to the USA- so what you see is all inclusive pricing for the steel, shipping, and paypal fees no hidden costs. International shipping will be at cost to the buyer which can be agreed on with a case by case basis.

I am based in the USA- you can see my trading feedback here on HDN and my ebay user feedback- Any questions just ask

Items for Sale/Trade (sorted by country, then retailer if exclusive, then title)
All Items are in new sealed condition and mint unless otherwise noted, I will be happy to take and provide more detailed pics or descriptions if you are interested in seeing close ups- general pics are inside the spoiler tabs for most of these items, and I will upload more as I have time

Premium Steelbooks for Sale/Trade: all are brand new and sealed
  • Novamedia
    • Dark Knight Rises (Full Slip A) $50
    • Guardians of the Galaxy (Full Slip) $100
  • HDZeta
    • Gladiator (Full Slip) $50
  • Plain Archive
    • The Master (Full Slip Steelbook) $40
    • Zero Dark Thirty (Full Slip Amray) $35
  • KimchiDVD
    • Dallas Buyer's Club (Full Slip) $70
    • Infernal Affairs (Full Slip) $80
    • The Martian (Full Slip) $60
    • The Revenant (Full Slip) $60
    • The Pianist (Full Slip + bonus empty full slip) $55
Czech Republic:
  • X-Men: Days of Future Past $40


  • Marvel
    • AntMan $35
    • Avengers: Age of Ultron $25
    • Captain America 2: Return of the First Avenger $30
    • Guardians of the Galaxy $60
    • Iron Man 3 $30
    • Thor 2: The Dark Kingdom $35
  • Prometheus $35
  • Non-Exclusive
    • The Wolverine (3D) $35
    • Dark Knight Rises (White Version) $35
    • Rush: 1/4 slip $30
  • Zavvi
    • Disney Collection
      • #2 The Jungle Book $25
      • #3 The Little Mermaid $25
      • #4 Wreck-It Ralph $25
      • #9 Dumbo $25
      • #20 The Hunchback of Notre Dame $25
      • #21 The Aristocats $25
      • #22 The Rescuers $25
      • #24 The Fox and The Hound $25
      • #27 Sleeping Beauty $25
    • General Zavvi Exclusives
      • Avengers Age of Ultron (Shrink-wrap torn, steel is mint) $30
      • Avengers Assemble (w/ Lenticular) $60
      • Captain America: The Winter Soldier $35 (original release, not lenti)
      • Guardians of the Galaxy $60 (original release, not lenti)
      • Iron Man 3 $35 (original release, not lenti)
  • Non-Exclusive/Other
    • Rush $25
  • Best Buy :bestbuy:
    • MetalPak
      • Ash vs The Evil Dead Season 1 $100
    • Steelbooks
      • Captain America: The Winter Soldier $40
      • Captain America: Civil War: $40
      • Deadpool $25
      • The Flash Season 2 $65
      • The Hunger Games/Catching Fire/Mockingjay Part 1 (set of 3 only) $40
      • Moana 2D- $35
      • Zero Dark Thirty $25
My Want List - see specifics in the spoiler tags
High Wants: (New and Sealed unless otherwise noted)
  • Alien Covenant Lenti and Full Slip (KimchiDVD Exlcusive)
  • Assassin's Creed Lenti and Full Slip (KimchiDVD Exlcusive)
  • Other (open mint is fine for all of these, would prefer to have J-cards)
    • Canada FutureShop- Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1
Medium Wants: (New and Sealed)
  • Iron-Man 2 (US Target Metalpack, Taiwan)
  • Thor (UK-HMV)
  • The Incredible Hulk (UK)
  • Avengers (UK-HMV, US Best Buy Empty case)
  • Captain America (UK- HMV)
Low Wants: (open mint is fine for all of these, would prefer to have J-cards)
  • Boondock Saints (Netherlands- MetalPak)
  • Cars (US-Best Buy or Canada-Futureshop)
  • Drive (UK)
  • Karate Tiger- No Retreat, No Surrender (Germany)
  • Lion King (Viva Metal Box- US Best Buy or Canada-Futureshop)
  • Sleeping Beauty (US-Best Buy or Canada- Futureshop)
  • The Raid (UK- play.com)
  • Terminator (UK- play.com)
  • Usual Suspects (UK FuturePak)
  • Walking Dead Seasons 1 &2 (UK Entertainment Store)

Completed Trades/Sales

  • UK- Rush / CN- FaceOff (Blufans)- Trade with slim
  • US- Thor: The Dark World (Best Buy)- Sold to charleybusko
  • UK- Pain & Gain (Zavvi)- Trade with elchipo
  • KR- Thor 2 Lenti (Kimchi) / US- Brave & Cinderella (BB Viva Metal) Trade with Horned_King
  • CN- How to Train Your Dragon (HD Zeta) Gone for HDN Secret Santa
  • KR- Plain Archive Blue is the Warmest Colour Trade with NomegustaU
  • NINJA WEEK 2015 Donations: UK- Die Hard, UK- V for Vendetta, US- Les Misreables, US- Hunger Games 1&2, US- Hansel and Gretel 2D Digibook, US- Godzilla FuturePak, US- Big Hero 6
  • US- Big Hero 6 (Target)- Sold to cjy152
  • KR- Novamedia Guardians of the Galaxy (Lenti B)- Trade with khamito
  • US- Guardians of the Galaxy & Captain America 2 (Best Buy) Trade with Flip
  • US- Man of Steel Digibook (Target) Gone for HDN SSSS
  • UK- Beetlejuice (Zavvi) Sold to manny23
  • UK- Tangled 3D (Zavvi) Trade with manny23
  • UK- Toy Story Trilogy (Zavvi) Sold to jnavotheman
  • CN- Transformers (Blufans Art B) Trade with laz305
  • KR- Iron Man Lenti (KimchiDVD) Trade with Keeblur
  • UK- Fantasia (Zavvi) & UK- Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Zavvi) Trade with thecardman23
  • UK- Aladdin (Zavvi)- sold to bloodsnake007
  • UK- Beauty and the Beast, Hercules, Mulan, Pinocchio (Zavvi)- sold to khanhnguyen2007
  • KR- Drive (Nova Lenti), Zero Dark Thirty (PA Full), Memento (Kimchi Full), and Perfume (Kimchi full)- Trade with oselallo
  • NINJA WEEK 2016 Donations: US- Finding Nemo (Best Buy Viva Metal), US- Man of Steel (Walmart), US- Django Unchained (Target), US- Dawn of the Planet of the Apes (Best Buy FuturePak), US- Young Frankenstein (loose disc Best Buy FuturePak), US- Les Miserables (Best Buy), UK- Abraham Lincoln: Vampire Hunter , UK- Aviator (Zavvi), UK- Mars Attacks (Zavvi), UK- Ultimate Avengers (Zavvi)
  • UK- Indiana Jones 1-3 (Zavvi), Lion King (Zavvi), Lady and the Tramp (Zavvi), 28 Days Later, 28 Weeks Later- sold to DannyDXC
  • UK- Beauty & The Beast (Zavvi), Cinderella (Zavvi) sold to RzSamuari
  • UK- Pocahontas (Zavvi), Peter Pan (Zavvi) sold to RzSamuari
  • UK- Alice in Wonderland (Zavvi), Mary Poppins (Zavvi), Robin Hood (Zavvi)- sold to tono06
  • Germany- Avengers, Iron Man Trilogy, US- Big Hero 6 (Target), Batman Assault on Arkham (Target), Thor: The Dark World (Best Buy), Amazing Spiderman (Best Buy)- sold to charleybusko
  • KR- Drive Fullslip (Novamedia)- sold to Bodhisattva
  • CN- GotG (Blufans UE), UK- Bambi (Zavvi), KR- Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (KimchiDVD 1/4 slip) sold to tono06
  • KR- Her (KimchiDVD Full Slip) sold to famagosta
  • KR- Star Wars: The Force Awakens (Nova Lenti Slip) sold to RzSamuarai
  • CN- Iron-Man (Blufans Lenti Slip)- sold to Exquisik
  • NINJA WEEK 2017 Donations: Drive (Pop Art US Best Buy), GI Joe2 (China Blufans), Iron Man V1 (Empty Case Blufans), Finding Nemo (US Best Buy Viva Metal), Zombieland (UK), Fight Club (UK FuturePack), Jack Ryan: Shadow Recruit (UK Entertainment Store Exclusive), Indiana Jones & The Kingdom of the Crystal Skull (UK Zavvi), Pan's Labyrinth (UK Zavvi), Young Frankenstein: Comic Con Exclusive (UK Zavvi), Snow White and The Huntsman (Canada Future Shop), Jupiter Ascending 3D (Germany)
  • Germany- Kick Ass 2 sold to steel888
  • UK- Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy (1-3), 101 Dalmations, Tarzan (Zavvi) sold to severn2001
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does your Kimchi Thor the dark world still available for trade? Let me know by mp please. Thanks a lot.
bump!!! Also updated my list with various price drops reflected in the OP and added Young Frankenstein Zavvi Comic Con Exclusive

Added a few new items for the New Year including: Zavvi Disney collection #25-#30, Guardians of the Galaxy US and UK, and a few other random items
Added some more desirable steels from Nova, Kimchi, and Blufans that I am willing to trade towards items from my medium and high want list only!!!
BUMP! and a couple more price drops as well and added some lower wants to my want list I would also be interested in

Added a bunch of KimchiDVD, Plain Archive, and HDZeta extras I had to my trade list as I decided I don't really need to have a copy to open as I have other ways of watching the movies if I want to
BUMP! Dropped the prices on several steels in the list....

Going to be moving soon, so very open to offers on anythign in my list here (especially if you are interested in multiple steels). GOing to try to clear out some of these items so I don't have to move them to the new house in Septemeber!!!

Sales I am running right now for a limited time till the end of September...:
  • Zavvi Disney titles- take any 2 of the $35 sale items for $60!
  • Zavvi Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy $85
  • Zavvi Indiana Jones Quadrilogy $100
  • Kick-Ass 2 Germany $50
  • Special offer for Premium Ninjas only- take $5 off any order >$50, or $10 off any order >$100 (including sale items)
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