[USA] Bruisermoore's Steelbook Sales/Trades

I need to be more selective with my purchases, so I'm selling off some of my Steelbooks, Digibooks, and other items. Take a look and let me know if anything tickles your fancy. ;)

Shipping IS included in the prices for US.
I will ship all single Steelbook purchases under $100, USPS First Class with tracking and lots of bubble wrap, over $100 will be shipped USPS Priority Mail. If you buy two, it will be USPS Media Mail, more than two, they will be shipped USPS Priority Mail with tracking (up to 4lbs.), also with lots of bubble wrap.

For anyone outside of the US, I will ship USPS International First Class with tracking (up to 4lbs., will have to be International Priority if heavier). You can get an idea of how much this will cost before contacting me by going to USPS.com and selecting your country, then entering the weight of the average steelbook, usually 12oz. Any insurance or customs fees are the responsibility of the buyer. I ship Monday - Friday, and some Saturdays until 12pm EST.

Payment by PayPal only. PayPal fees ARE included in the prices below.
I have perfect feedback on blu-ray.com (over 300) and on eBay (over 1200).

I will work with and give discounts to those buying multiples, since the shipping will be cheaper for me. Also, don't be shy to make an offer, I just may say yes!
Any questions at all, feel free to ask (unless it's something that can be answered with a quick Google search, then you're just being lazy :p).


Big Hero 6 (Full Slip Edition) - Sealed & Mint - $80

Begin Again (Full Slip Edition) - Sealed & Mint - $75

Captain America (Full Slip Edition) - Sealed & Mint - $80

Guardians of the Galaxy (TRIPACK - Lenticular A, Lenticular B, Full Slip Editions, ALL NUMBER 020/XXX) - Sealed & Mint - $335

John Wick (1/4 Slip Edition) - Sealed & Mint - $50

Farewell My Concubine (Blufans Collector's Edition - No Booklet) Sealed & Mint - $90

Guardians of the Galaxy (Blufans Exclusive - Rocket & Groot Lenticular Slipcover) Sealed & Mint - $85

Monsters University (Blufans Exclusive - 2D Slipcover) Sealed & Mint - $70

STEELBOOKS - US Releases - (If opened, may not include J-card/Info sheet it originally came with, the digital copy is not included if it came with one)

22 Jump Street (Target Exclusive) - Open & Mint (No DVD or J-card) - $15

Elf - Open & Mint - $18

The Gambler (Target Exclusive) - Open & Mint - $15

The Lords of Salem - Sealed & Mint - $12

MAJOR TRADE WANTS! I will trade ANYTHING from my blu-ray collection for these -

Hot Toys 1/6 scale figures, especially Predator 2 Guardian Predator, AvP Celtic Predator, and/or ED-209. Please let me know what you have and how much you want for them. New or used is fine, but if used, having the box included is preferred.
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