[Vice Press] X [Ravensburger] Jurassic Park & E.T. Jigsaws


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Aug 29, 2011
New York, NY
Last year we worked with Ravensburger to develop their Artist Edition range of Jigsaws, and kicked off the collection with Jurassic Park and E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial by Andy Fairhurst.
We now have a VERY LIMITED NUMBER up in our store, available for worldwide delivery.

We are also giving away a FREE NOTEBOOK PACK for every pin, coin or tee ordered from our website, while stocks last.

Each notebook pack contains one lined and one plain A5 notebook. If you order 1 pin set, you get one notebook pack. If you order 2 pin sets, you get two notebook packs. If you order a pin set and a coin, you get 2 notebook packs. You get it. Some of our pins even cost less than the packs of notebooks did separately!

Notebooks will be automatically added to your cart, but it may be that it only states there is one notebook pack. Don't worry, we will send you the right amount (as long as we have them in stock, that is).

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