Completed WandaVision (Original Series) [Disney+]

Apr 2, 2014
Potential spoilers up to/including episode 8!!

Wasn’t a huge fan of this episode. It had the emotional set pieces/back story but it didn’t do it for me. It felt too related and had the same ‘feels’ as some of the MCU films; as much as I love the films, part of the reason I’ve enjoyed Wandavision so much is because of how different it’s been.

Anyway...The finale next week should (hopefully) be explosive.
White Vision/‘Zombie’ Vision, Monica Rambeau as Photon/Pulsar/Captain Marvel(?) - lets not forget the last time we saw her was when she discovered Agathas basement in the post credit scene last week - the real motivation for Agatha acting the way she is (she was more ‘detective’ this week, and encouraging Wanda to establish the roots of her powers; she doesn’t quite feel like the ‘big bad’ to me - what does she want?!) Should also see Hayward get rumbled, and (hopefully!) a cameo which ties the series into the wider MCU - Doctor Strange perhaps?! A ‘true’ villain?

Hopefully there are twists and turns next week!

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On that basis, for the sake of a hypothetical question, would you stop watching a show that you personally class as the best show you’ve ever watched if halfway through a series an actor/actress was fired over something you don’t agree with?

On that basis, surely you shouldn't be contemplating watching Wandavision on the merit you disagree with Disney’s policies? I know we’re talking two different shows here, but ultimately the top dogs are the ones pulling the strings...
Well if it's any consolation I haven't watched anything on Disney+ since she was fired because of just that reason. I do realize that it came down to Disney's decision in the end and I do blame them for it. With that being said, I do have 6 months of free Disney+ and I still haven't decided on what I'm ultimately going to do. Had they killed her off on the show it would be a totally understandable thing but they just up and fired her for outright BS. If you didn't already know, she rose to top most wanted actresses in hollywood a couple of weeks ago on the charts after her firing. How's that for in your face Disney, haha


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Jun 4, 2013
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Might be the best episode yet this weeks one :wow:

Can only imagine what this means for poor Wanda next week :offtopic:

Yep that’s my favourite episode now. I loved how different the show is but that episode felt more movie like and I liked how it cleared up why we have seen it as a sitcom and I thought it was great. I also like how they mention her accent (Again). And it’s true that a lot of non English speaking people learn English through tv shows and films. I like that we know she puts on the American accent more to ‘fit in’

It’s strange that they are implying that she had the power buried inside her all along though. And the tesseract helped it. I wonder if marvel have gone this route because they now have the X-men rights for the studio? Did you also notice the classic scarlet Witch figure appearing when she’s going through the tests? That was cool. Wasn’t expecting that. Also makes sense that if that’s part of her memory (seeing that) that we see more of her dressed like that in the Halloween episode compared to vision dressed in his comic book style outfit.

Also they make a point of Agatha calling her the scarlet witch like we’ve never heard the name which I found weird but then I thought, we’ve never actually heard her called that name in the films. Just Wanda. Interesting even though she’s known through marketing with statues etc as the scarlet witch

That opening scene with the witch corpses is definitely a hint of what we can expect from Raimis dr strange with it’s possible horror element and the scene with visions body on the table being worked on looked f**king excellent. Cinematography on the birds eye view of him was perfect

I was really expecting to see Ultron in that episode though which was a shame. I also want to know if Agatha is confused and thinks Wanda is something she’s not or simply is jealous that she’s hundreds of years old and has had to work for her power when Wanda came out of knowhere and is extremely powerful. Possibly more powerful and she thinks Wanda has some secret she’s hiding. Which could be that the power was buried there all along. I dunno
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Nov 9, 2018
Do I watch the final episode now or wait till later :wow: