HDN GRAND PRIZE [Winner Chosen]Hidefninja.com Vinyl Package Grand Prize

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Apr 12, 2009
Winner: LucasEatWorld

Welcome to the 6th Annual Ninja Week at hidefninja.com.
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Grand prize sponsored by hidefninja.com

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All registered forum members are eligible to enter. Winner pays shipping if not from a retailer that provides free shipping.

Package includes:

A turntable and Vinyl selections of the winners choice valued at $250. Or, winner can choose just a turntable or just vinyl.

To enter, please reply to this post and share:

1) Show us some pics of your favorite collectibles (can be Steelbooks, Vinyl, Figures, etc)
2) Have you visited the Group Buy forum at hidefninja.com?

Good luck ninjas!

You can spread the word about our 6th Annual Ninja Week!
Please share the meme below and tag us at @hidefninja and @bluraysteelbook Twitter and @hidefninjaofficial on Instagram.

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Enjoy #bestweekever!


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Mar 31, 2014
London, UK
Thanks for the amazing giveaway.

Below are some of my favourite Collectibles and Blu Rays.


Always checking the GB forum to see what awesomeness is on offer.
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1 - My favourite collectibles are beeing displayed in my living room constantly. :D


2 - Is that even a question? Of course i have! I've attended to several GB's already, even though the last one was quite some time ago. :)
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Nov 17, 2010
My most recent vinyl pickup - remastered to play at 45 RPM, 4 sides to the album. First time the full-length songs appear on vinyl; the CD has more capacity so some songs were edited on the album. Never heard anything sound so good off my turntable, I need to try another MoFi 45 RPM release.


I've gotten a few exclusives through the group buy...great community here.

Thanks again for this week!


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Feb 23, 2014
WOW :notworthy::notworthy::notworthy: 250 USD worth of pure black gold EEK!EEK!EEK!
Thank you so much HDN & the whole staff :drool::drool::drool:

1) I collect movies, vinyl, sneaker, comic books, prints and a lot of other stuff. To show my favorites of each section would be insane.
Since it's a vinyl give-away, my favorite collectibles are all my vinyl and my spot where I listen to them:


I adore music over everything! And my favorite record is the one on the top shelf in the middle: Ta-ku - Songs to break up to :drool::drool::drool::drool:
The other two left and right are changing to what I've actually listen to on the turntable ...

2) I asked my bank account if I visited already the Group Buy Section and the answer was: WAY TO OFTEN :whistle::whistle::whistle::whistle:

I want to tag a ninja who is also deeply in love with the black gold and got an awesome vinyl collection, the brother @spass :thumbs: GET IN HERE :OMG::wacky::watch::wow:
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