[WINNER chosen] Sin City & Alien Anthology Digipacks

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Nov 26, 2010
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[WINNER] Colombianlove41 [WINNER]

Here is a great Ninja week 2015 give-away on behalf of HDN forums!

Your chance to win the prize which consists of 2 fantastic digipacks; . The Korean release of Sin City which is new and sealed plus the UK release of the Alien Anthology which has been opened.
This prize has been kindly donated by @Naughtius Maximus



To enter all you have to do is post pictures of your 2 favourite digipacks.

The giveaway ends on Saturday, 28th of February. The winner will be chosen by random.org.
Don't miss out on the opportunity to add these great prizes to your collection!

winner covers shipping.

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1 Nightbreed1984
2 Terry44
3 tokaman
5 monsterzebra
6 kryptonite
7 gilbertofelix
8 pedrothelion
9 wayne71
10 meaner
11 Ricardo13
12 Asopp
13 Kuzco
14 Gurrich
15 Joanie Mason
16 KarekSekdenthuis
17 Hooch
18 PunkNinja
19 Moros
20 Machinegunrap
21 zloiTim
22 Collector03601
23. jericho
24 galareta2332
25 Nightbreed1984
26 spass
28 scorpius
29 severo
30 jdclark88
31 rj531
32 ste22
33 metal hunter
34 phishphan192
35 Noodles
36 NeheloR
37 bloodsnake007
38 Kvack
39 urotsu
40 fcagno
41 oodbastoagogo
42 Madness
43 villadelrefugio
44 C.C.95
45 Leshita
46 Antman
47 Miffed
48 pacman
49 Colombianlove41
50 Master13
51 bigballas01
52 khamito
53 Geek Tragedy
54 bigdatgt
56 Nyrvana
57 TheSixter
58 Wyatt03
59 j4c0


And the winner is.....Colombianlove41 Congratulations !!!!
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@Naughtius Maximus & @pmartin252 -> this prize is soo cool guys!!!:thumbs: Sin City is a blast!!! Alien Anthology is beauty! Really great thing you put here!:drool::drool::drool:
And the task is great, you can find many great digipacks. I need to get those two posted by @Nightbreed1984

In my case (pics from my own collection):
Nekromantik – Director Approved Limited Edition with OST [Blu-ray] [UK]

Stargate: Director’s Cut – Special Edition [DVD] [Poland]

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Love digipacks.
These days UK TV series are in amaray cases so I pay the extra to get the decent looking US ones imported.
2 of my favouite:
Guillermo Del Toro set with pop-out slip:

UK exclusive Jesse James
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