Bottleneck Gallery x [ISH] x [TOHO Studios] ~ Godzilla Minus One 3D Lenticular


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Aug 29, 2011
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We’re starting off the week with our BIGGEST, quite literally, collaboration to-date: Bottleneck x ISH x Toho Studios!

We’re honored to team up with our resident kaijuologist, ISH, and THE kaiju kings themselves, the legendary Toho Studios, for the launch of an ongoing campaign of limited edition art for Godzilla, beginning with the global blockbuster and Academy Award winner, Godzilla Minus One. Toho Studios have nurtured Godzilla and affiliated kaiju icons for decades, and we’re excited to help create officially licensed art for our favorite solo Godzilla film since Shin Godzilla.

Working alongside ISH and Toho Studios on a Godzilla print series is a dream come true for us, and to kick off this kaijufest, we’ve helped create a 4MM lenticular poster for Godzilla Minus One! Using Minus One’s memorable one sheet art, Godzilla comes to life with an expertly crafted, limited edition 3D lenticular poster that shows Minus One’s Godzilla in all of his glory.

We’ve got more Godzilla projects that are almost ready to surface from their deep sea depths, so make sure you’re subscribed to both our and Toho’s newsletters and social media.

The Godzilla Minus One 4MM 3D Lenticular is a timed-edition release lasting through March 24th, 2024 and is exclusively available for purchase right now from Toho’s online Godzilla Store!
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