Z Fighters (Dragonball Z) - (1/4 Scale Statue) [KD Collectibles]

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May 24, 2020
Release date: July - December 2024
Purchase links: Kaioland
Price: €2,095 (Exclusive) - €1,595 (Regular)
Notes: Exclusive edition comes with multiple swappable portraits, 1 extra Chiatzou and Metal Art Print.

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From FB:

Exclusive will contain the following:

1x Goku Alternate Head
1x Goku Bust stand
1x Vegeta Alternate Head
1x Vegeta Bust stand
1x Trunks Alternate head
1x Trunks Alternate Torso
1x Trunks stand
1x Yamcha Alternate Head
1x Yamcha Alternate Torso
1x Yamcha Stand
1x Tien Alternate Torso
1x Tien Stand
1x Complete Chiatzou swap out
1x Metal Art print