zesty custom slipbox 'Ninja's don't wanna pay postage' giveaway


empty wallet Ninja
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As always seems to be the way I have had a few winner's from Ninja Week not bothering to pay postage so I have a few leftover's to giveaway.

I'm on holiday for the next few weeks so this will run until first week of May (ish)

This will be one winner for all the following:

BvS 1+2
Hateful Eight
Suicide Squad
Jumanji Welcome to the Jungle


Main rule is thank, not thumbs up, not helpful, just thank this post/OP. This is where the list of names will come from and if you don’t do it you won't be in it even if you do post something in the thread.
If you were to join in next year what would you give away? ;)

Tag someone you think will like this giveaway :thumbs:


Winner pays shipping please bear this in mind when entering and do not enter if this will be to much for you

So all that's left to say is have fun fellow Ninja's



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Nov 9, 2018
@zesty The Thor cover I won from you is awesome so id happily give these a nice new home :spoil::hilarious: and all for the cost of postage.:D

Anyway as for next year, Uhm not really sure yet I didn't expect the Candyman giveaway I did this year to be as popular as it was so I'll have to try and up it for next year:confused::wow:

But again thanks for the chance to own this great work that you do:thumbs:



I'd buy that for a dollar...
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Feb 18, 2016
Manchester, UK
Thanks @zesty :thumbs:
If I was to do a giveaway for next year I'd probably get a load of original cinema posters from my work and do a couple of prize bundles :)
@ChrisPatt you'd like some of these?
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Sep 29, 2018
Thanks so much for doing this giveaway, so glad to get one more chance at this, especially the awesome Wonder Woman slip cover! Next year I would probably giveaway some of my unneeded Marvel steels. I've tagged @Mike Haley who I think may enjoy this ninja giveaway
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jaws finatic

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Mar 6, 2013
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Thanks @zesty. I'm pretty sure I'll give giving away a couple steels and a new Ninja Membership to somebody. Heck, I'm already thinking of doing something for this upcoming halloween. As far as the slips go....if it's one winner take all, I just won the WW and the bVs slips from you as well as Suicide Squad last year you can give those to someone else. But would love the Hateful Eight, Jumanji and Atomic BLonde. Tagging @jcm because Full slips are always fun.
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