[CLOSED] Steelarchive THE NEON DEMON Full Slip (Steelbook) - USA Hub Ship Only

Cost is All Inclusive Shipped to US, Limited to 166 Copies Total Print Run

  1. Aniv
    Release Date:
    July 8th 2017
    Shipping Method:
    Collectible Edition Type:
    Full Slip
    Group Buy Close Date:
    June 1st 2017
    This Group-buy is only for Ninja's with a US shipping address. SA store will not ship internationally so I am making this available for those interested.


    Cost breakdown is as follows:

    Item Cost €49.95
    Misc Fees - [(Split Postage to US HUB €5 per Copy + €2.30 HDN Fees + €2.70 packing Fees + €3.21 Domestic USPS Media Mail Tracked Shipping ) & Paypal Fees on the miscellaneous charges] bring it to total of €13.88.
    So final cost is €49.95+€13.88.

    Shipped to the door to your US Address.

    PP fees is not being charged on the product itself as it is directly sent to the retailer.
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Recent Reviews

  1. dead000
    Never thought I'd be able to obtain one of these! Thank you for another amazing GB, Aniv!!!!!
  2. misformatt
    Never would've had a chance at this edition if not for this group buy. Thanks, Aniv!
    1. Aniv
      Author's Response
      Thank you :)
  3. Dano
    Always smooth as silk group buys with Aniv.
    1. Aniv
      Author's Response
      Why thank you kindly :)