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Film Arena [CLOSED] Wind River BOX (FilmArena #96 Exclusive) Group Buy [WORLDWIDE]

Official HDN GB for FilmArena exclusive Wind River

  1. carllenc
    Release Date:
    Group Buy Close Date:
    Release thread: Wind River


    Price: 3200 CZK
    Paypal Fee: 6% - 192 CZK
    HDN GB Fee: 7,5% - 255 CZK

    Total: 3647 CZK

    When sending payment ensure to write following details in paypal notes and after the payment was completed please send an email to llenc@seznam.cz with the same information in the subject of the email:

    * NAME
    * COLLECTABLE NUMBER (if you have one)

    WIND BOX / carllenc / Karel Lenc / 001

    When purchasing we strongly recomment doing so in incognito mode via Google Chrome due to some technical errors which can result in copies not being added to the GB list, hence not ordered.