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Conceptual SteelBook Art - Photoshop Templates + Tutorial

Design concept art for SteelBook cases with the help of some Photoshop templates.

  1. AcIDc0r3
    You feel like giving a go at designing your own SteelBook concept art and showing off your cool work. That's a great idea, we encourage folks to show their creative side and welcome any designs that you can come up with. There's no competition here as to what can be done, just good clean art and all will be praised. Give it a shot and see what you can do.

    Below are a few Photoshop templates to get you started.

    3D_Steelbook_Template_Designs_V1 (Instructions are contained within the ZIP file.)
    v1_Open_Inside.jpg v1_Open_Outside.jpg
    Here's a custom made video tutorial on how easy it is to make version 1 work.


    3D_Steelbook_Template_Designs_V2 (Instructions are contained within the ZIP file.)
    v2_Back.jpg v2_Front.jpg v2_Side.jpg

    3D Reflections PS-Filter (Instructions are contained within the ZIP file.)
    Video of the 3D Reflections Filter and how it works.

    HERE's a cool backdrop to get you started. :)

    With a little determination and and some patience your outcome could be similar if not better than the image below. Give it a shot, we'd love to see your work.
    47 Ronin01rez.jpg

    Good luck and hope to see your cool concept art. :)

    - AcIDc0r3
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