Hosted Flag Icons for Your Posts

Links to flag icons so you can place them in your posts.

  1. AcIDc0r3
    Here are some flag icons for your posts. There already hosted on HDN's website, all you need to do is link to them and place them inside your posts. Just right click on the flag and copy image URL then add the image to your post.
    Note: If you find that you need an icon that we don't have just let us know and we can get it added to the list.

    [​IMG] - Argentina
    [​IMG] - Australia
    [​IMG] - Austria
    [​IMG] - Brazil
    [​IMG] - Canada
    [​IMG] - China
    [​IMG] - Czech Republic
    [​IMG] - Denmark
    [​IMG] - Finland
    [​IMG] - France
    [​IMG] - Germany
    [​IMG] - Hong Kong
    [​IMG] - Hungary
    [​IMG] - India
    [​IMG] - Italy
    [​IMG] - Japan
    [​IMG] - Mexico
    [​IMG] - Netherlands
    [​IMG] - Norway
    [​IMG] - Poland
    [​IMG] - Portugal
    [​IMG] - Russia
    [​IMG] - Singapore
    [​IMG] - South Korea
    [​IMG] - Spain
    [​IMG] - Sweden
    [​IMG] - Switzerland
    [​IMG] - Taiwan
    [​IMG] - Thailand
    [​IMG] - United Kingdom
    [​IMG] - United States

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  1. Ricker
    Thanks Kelly
    1. AcIDc0r3
      Author's Response
      Your welcome, it was Andy who setup the directory up and I just setup links to them and posted them. :)
  2. tridon
    Thanks for this Resource, Kelly! I was wondering where all of the flags went.