La La Land (Blu-ray SteelBook) [Korea]

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Jun 19, 2017
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the 2 fullslips I ordered from yesasia were shipped today :)
Jul 7, 2016
Edmonton, Canada
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Got my lenti last night. While the design is great, I have to be honest. The lenti is not top quality. It looks really pixelated and isn't a smooth transition. That said, the colours really pop and look great. The steelbook and extras are all fantastic as well.

Can't wait for the full slip to come in. It looks like the winner of this release.


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Feb 16, 2016
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FYI, I've asked Nova about any cancellations/reserved copies, this is what they wrote me:

Actually, many Koreans failed to get it. Because there is many fans for this title. :( So maybe we need to wait for plain edition.
Mar 24, 2013
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Yes, looks lovely and probably the best looking of the blue LA LA LAND steelbook releases . . . nice to see the title placed discreetly in the bottom right hand corner . . . and the wraparound artwork is elegant for open display.

Pics courtesy diz2049

Open + box + contents:-

<blockquote class="twitter-video" data-lang="en"><p lang="ja" dir="ltr">韓国のララランドBoxに入ってた ララランド デラックスブックが最高すぎて泣いてる。見たことない写真もある…<br>動画横になってしまってごめんなさい。 <a href=""></a></p>&mdash; DIZ (@diz2049) <a href=" ">January 4, 2018</a></blockquote> <script async src="" charset="utf-8"></script>[/SPOILER]


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Mar 28, 2014
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I got my Lenti and from the feedback I was ready to find it underwhelming but The Lenti is Scrumptious :drool:

Not a Bad Lenticular At All !!! I am very Pleased with it. The Fullslip Lenticular Box is Very High Quality Finish(The Fullslip Box that has the Lenti Glued to it).
The Bonus Items are really nice, the envelop hosting the small Cardboard Posters is really nice with the Seb's Logo applied to it(very Nice touch
to have Gotten this Logo from the film and used it in the edition, it's small but nice).

And the Freakin' Steelbook is ''All That and More'' :drool: Really Nice Glossy Steelbook :drool::drool:

Just Beyond Pleased with This Edition. Simple, yet Classy :thumbs:


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Jan 10, 2013
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received yesasia package...fullslip was damaged..thanks..maybe using hardbox next time for steelbooks..idiots

anyway nice editions :D