[OPEN] Stranger Things VHS Collectors Set - Blu-ray & DVD

Target [OPEN] Stranger Things VHS Collectors Set - Blu-ray & DVD

Have dropped the price of these down to $12.99

Finally time to get rid of these extras from back outs and non payers

Will gladly add to any existing GB order
hey folks, just a quick update for those folks that purchased last week or a short time before that - power is now back at my house and I've also returned from Mondocon 4 - looking to ship all those folks that have already paid shipping costs.

There are a number of you, please keep watch on your e-mail for confirm of shipping, likely sometime this weekend - Friday is a holiday so my first chance to mail out will be Monday next week.

Tag me or pm with questions.

Thank you!
Group buy still open for a limited time, any unsold copies will go back to the store.

Buy now at this cost and I'll hold for the next group buy.
Group buy restocked!

If people are looking for a second copy, I'll allow it on this round of requests - two copies can be shipped for the same cost.

PLEASE NOTE, that I packaged them up and TWO copies gets us very close to the weight limit - anything else will put you over and
a higher shipping amount will HAVE to be paid.

I'm currently in the organization phase with the group buy, so that means I'm currently taking stock of shipping supplies and the rest and will begin shipping over the weekend. Some copies are here and more on the way.

I might have to get some more boxes, counting those up tonight to see what I have in hand.

I ship in waves, so please be patient as I work through the list - upwards of 80 copies is a lot. You are more than welcome to PM, but it might be a day or two before I get back to you. :)

Hey folks, going to post here as well as the group buy. At the moment I'm pretty confident we are going to get enough copies for everyone that purchased one so far, I'll have further details in a day or two.

If you are interested in a copy but didn't get one while it was listed, please continue to watch this thread for updates, I would be glad to help you,
don't feel you need to go and pay ebay prices to get a copy.

I'm planning on trying to get extras that we'll offer at the same price - for folks that would like a copy but might not be able to pay right this moment or had requested a second copy to help with shipping.

Remember, depending on how this plays out, there might be a slight increase in the amount due as sales tax varies from US state to state and we may have to reship to my location.

You can also tag me or send a pm and I'll do my best to get you an answer as time allows.

hey everyone! We're now well above the original copies that I guaranteed. In case I'm unable to source ALL copies personally, please remember that your cost might be higher as the sales tax differs from state to state, and depending on who is assisting with copies, may have to reship to me at a bulk rate.

Any questions, remember to tag me or directly PM.

Everyone should be on the same page before release day (this upcoming Tuesday) so we can make sure you get your copy.