1. tridon

    Hero Complex Gallery "Godzilla" by Patrick Connan

    I'm SO pumped! Blurppy ran a Godzilla Poster Posse a month or so ago and their absolute best print -- Godzilla by Patrick Connan -- has been picked up by Hero Complex Gallery to become a timed print. It'll go on sale sometime today and will end on May 12th! The best part: all three prints -- the...
  2. Man of Steel

    Hero Complex Gallery Imagined Worlds - Exhibition

    HERO COMPLEX GALLERY PRESENTS: "IMAGINED WORLDS; The Imagined Worlds of del Toro, Gilliam, Kubrick, Lynch & Scott" Join us as we journey through the layered tapestries and characters of the preeminent world-building directors, Guillermo del Toro, Terry Gilliam, Stanley Kubrick, David Lynch...
  3. Man of Steel

    Hero Complex Gallery "The Walking Dead" Exhibition Hero Complex Gallery has been hoarding for the zombie apocalypse as they prepare to announce their biggest exhibition of the year….invading Los Angeles on Friday, October 11th, from 7-10pm, on the eve of the Season 4 premiere, Hero...
  4. Man of Steel

    Hero Complex Gallery "Young Guns of Print" Art Exhibition

    Hero Complex Gallery are at it agian, a new exhibition heading your way September 20th.
  5. digitalbabe

    Mondo "Game of Thrones" - Event

    Will be announced to go on sale at a random time on March 21,2013. I will try to keep track of this. The other posters they sell, and the archive, at look very cool, and they sell out quick.
  6. digitalbabe

    "Planet of the Apes" - Mondo Gallery Event

    Waitlist $54.99