matt ferguson

  1. apsmith21

    Best Buy [OPEN] Ant-Man Blu-ray Steelbook with Ferguson artwork

    Hey members! I'm hosting a group buy for any of you people out there that are interested in the Ant-man Blu-ray steelbook from Best Buy - LIKELY MATT FERGUSON ARTWORK Pre-order cost is currently $23.99 EACH Sales tax of 6% per copy HDN fee of 7.5% Original links -...
  2. garabe

    Matt Ferguson - They Live (Vice Press - Thoughtbubble exclusive) screenprint

    Info from - glow in dark print (pictures in link) for Thoughtbubble. Not going is looking more like a mistake! "This new screen print will be available from Vice...
  3. C2V3N

    Grey Matter Art Daredevil by Matt Ferguson (NYCC)

    Artist: Matt Ferguson Technique: screenprint Regular Size: 18x24 Edition: 250 Price: $40 Variant Size: 18x24 Edition: 125 Price: $45 GID Handbills Size: 6x9 Edition: reg 100/ var 125 Price: $10 To be released at this year's New York Comic Con (NYCC) at Booth# 3064 on October 6th-9th...
  4. apsmith21

    Bottleneck Gallery [Vice Press] Block War by Matt Ferguson

    Surprised there's no thread for this yet! USA members - purchase from Bottleneck - Regular UK members - from Vice Press - USA members purchase from Bottleneck -...
  5. apsmith21

    Bottleneck Gallery Lord of the Rings (Trilogy?) by Matt Ferguson

    Work in progress, more info soon...
  6. apsmith21

    Bottleneck Gallery Predator by Matt Ferguson

    18" x 36" 7 colour screen print with metallic inks Regular edition of 300 for $50 Variant edition on wood in a limited edition of 20 for $200
  7. C2V3N

    Grey Matter Art The Avengers by Matt Ferguson

    Another stellar Marvel release by GMA and Matt Ferguson. Artist: Matt Ferguson Size: 24×36 Printed by: Lady Lazarus Regular Edition: 175/$50.00 Variant Edition: 100/$70.00 Foil Edition: 75/$100.00 6×9 Regular Edition Handbills: $8.00 each/$30.00 for the set 6×9 Variant Edition...
  8. charlie1533pr

    Bottleneck Gallery Star Wars Triptych by Matt Ferguson

    Star Wars Saga triptych by Matt Ferguson Regular: 12" x 24" inches each and costs $100 through Sunday, Feb. 28th 11:59 pm EST Variant: edition of 225 which will cost $115 On Sale Thursday, Feb. 25th at 12 pm EST (9 am PST) HERE.
  9. dan8885

    Cakes and Comics - Mystery tube sale by Matt Ferguson

    Coming soon. 4-5 prints per tube. 50 GBP "I am currently picking prints for it and aim for it to go live some time next week (fingers crossed). It will be a limit of 2 tubes per person so anyone who orders more will get a refund. I...
  10. C2V3N

    Grey Matter Art Iron Man by Matt Ferguson

    Artist: Matt Ferguson Size: 24x36 Regular Edition(GID): 300/$50.00 Variant Edition(GID): 175/$70.00 Foil Variant Edition(GID): 150/$100.00 Glow in the dark This is what Matt had to say about the project: "It goes without saying that I love Marvel and I love working on Marvel artwork, so...
  11. Jason Bourne

    Guardians of the Galaxy - Matt Ferguson - Timed Release

    Well Matt Ferguson is selling his GOTG print in a time release format. Its already for sale and will run until 10pm GMT on April 13, 2014. £30 + shipping. Link to sale: Print:
  12. Man of Steel

    The Usual Suspects by Matt Ferguson (Odd City)

    Variant Year: 2013 Released: 11/20/13 Run: 75 Size: 36 X 12 Regular Release and Purchase Information: The Regular edition will be a run of 175 at $40 The Variant edition will be a run of 75 at $70 The Odd City limited edition prints will be sold online at the Odd City store. They will go...