mondo con

  1. The Geek Cap - It's awesome! You know it, they know it, everyone knows it.

    I just wanted to congratulate @tridon aka Kenneth Livitski and the HDN team. The Geek Cap is awesome and I want to see more of it. I want you to be the next Kevin Smith. This is me whenever there's a new episode Anyway for anyone that hasn't seent it......
  2. Thor: Ragnarok pin set-by Tom Whalen

    On sale online right now during Mondo Con
  3. E.T print-by Jim Titus

    Available at Mondo store
  4. Alien/2001Space Od/Planet of Apes pins-Matt Taylor

    I am not sure if these will be at his booth or at Mondo Store, but I have kindly asked a ninja to help me snag a set-they’re awesome!
  5. Ninjas present at Mondo Con 2017 Nov 4-5, Austin, TX

    Check out the latest here!
  6. HDN Mondo Con-500+ Steelbook sale! Back on sale soon!

    Remaining Steelbooks on sale at We will post reminders for ninjas.
  7. HDN new Ninja Gear

    Very limited qty of new designs of t-shirts at Booth B35.
  8. Mondo Con-HDN 500+ Steelbook sale- Mondo, Rarities, OOP & Deals

    CLICK TO CATCH UP ON ALL MONDO CON NEWS Visit booth B35 and snag very limited quantities of out of print, rare and other Steelbooks.
  9. HDN booth ltd oppt-Tyler Stout handbills to 1st 4 Avengers Steelbook buyers

    A last opportunity to own our remaining handbills. Come to our booth B35 Nov 4-5 and be one of the first to purchase a Mondo Avengers Steelbook.
  10. Suspiria vinyl-Dealth Waltz (Beyond Fest)

    Leftovers will be avail at Mondo Con.
  11. Snow White-Tom Whalen

    From Collider: Artist: Tom Whalen 36″x24″ Screen Print Edition of 395 $65
  12. Jaws 2 print-Laurent Durieux & Jaws pins

    From Slashfilm: While you won’t find many (any?) movie fans who prefer Jaws 2 to Steven Spielberg’s original masterpiece, Laurent Durieux’s poster for the 1978 sequel is a thing of beauty that suggests a much, much better movie. The bright colors and pleasant atmosphere depict a typical beach...
  13. AMC Preacher statue reveal-sculpted by Matthew Black

    Jesse Custer from AMC’s Preacher and it’s a stunning recreation of actor Dominic Cooper. Sculpted by Matthew Black and based on art by Rory Kurtz, this will not be on sale at MondoCon – it will be on display only. However, I wouldn’t be surprised if we learn details like release window and price...
  14. The Thing Mondo Exclusive game-Art by Jock

    The Mondo Exclusive version - pictured below - will premiere at MondoCon in Austin, Texas (November 4th & 5th). This version is limited and remaining inventory will be available online via in mid-November. Stay tuned for details. - Limited to 1,982 numbered copies - Box top...
  15. HDN Mondo Con Exclusive Limited Round Retro Show Pin-remainders on sale now

    Mondo Con remainders live now Coming soon to Mondo Con, is our limited edition round retro pin, capturing the spirit of Mondo Con and the excitement of the collector community at! A big...
  16. Expanded 3XLP ‘Batman Returns’ soundtrack

    Per Batman-news site: “ Batman Returns has a beautiful, operatic score by Danny Elfman, but while it’s widely regarded as some of the best music ever orchestrated for a superhero film (or any film, for that matter) it hasn’t been pressed to vinyl in over 25 years! Well, just like Batman and...