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  1. Drum18

    [WINNERS CHOSEN] Novobox's Futurepak Bundles (4 winners) HOST: Drum18 DURATION: All week! WHO IS ELIGIBLE? All registered HDN members HOW TO ENTER? 1. Thank this post. 2. Answer this simple question by replying to this thread: "Do you own any Novobox's Futurpak?" PRIZE: Novobox bundle of 2 empty cases. - 9½ weeks &...
  2. digitalbabe

    [Winner chosen] Digitalbabe's give-away-2x Futurepak cases-NBA 2K17 and WWE-from Novobox

    Winner @Manuko13 via Prize donated by: Prize: 2K2017 NBA Basketball Videogame Futurepak & WWE cases by NOVOBOX To enter: Name your all time favorite gaming systems from any decade/platform and tag a fellow gamer or friend!
  3. digitalbabe

    [Winner chosen] Digitalbabe's give-away 2x Futurepak cases-Pokemon and Star Trek -from Novobox

    Winner: @waller316 Prize donated by: Prize: 2 awesome Futurepak cases by Novobox-Pokemon & Star Trek To enter: What animated movies should receive a special limited edition release, and what kind of concept would you use to design it? Winner pays shippping...
  4. digitalbabe

    [Winner chosen] DB's give-away-2x Futurepak cases-Wolf of Wall Street & San Andreas-from Novobox

    Winner @davidson via Donated by: 2 Futurepak cases: San Andreas and Wolf of Wall Street Winner pays shipping. To enter, what are your top 5 fave disaster movies? Good luck, ninjas! #bestweekever