1. SteelCollz

    Mediabook Oldboy - Limited Collector's Edition (Mediabook) [Germany]

    Release date: August 25, 2017 Purchase link: Amazon.de Price: €25.70 Notes: Both the film and the documentary will feature English subs. Capelight has just officially announced Oldboy (the original film, of course) as part of their Mediabook line-up. Featuring NEW extras, new artwork and a NEW...
  2. Naughtius Maximus

    [ENDED] DK06CTR's Last min Giveaway OldBoy - Steelbook

    Hello members, and thanks for reading about my giveaway! HOST / Donated by: Naughtius Maximus / DK06CTR DURATION: Ninja week: Feb 28 - Feb 29 WHO IS ELIGIBLE? All registered members, regardless of post count The PRIZES: How do i win this?! Q: What's the challenge? A: Tag @DK06CTR and...
  3. teddyjun

    Slipbox Oldboy (Blu-ray Slipbox) (Plain Archive Exclusive No.30) [Korea]

    Release Date: 27th September, 2016 (Pre-order date is AUGUST 16, 2016 - 4PM, KST) Purchase Link : Plain Archive Price : $37.89 USD - Full Slipbox - Keep Case | 60p Booklet - A3 Folded Poster | Art Card | Mini Movie Cards - Envelope | Oh Dae-soo's letter