summer movies

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    Go to Summer Movies?

    What movies and shows do you like to watch in the summer? Are there go to movies that were released already, that you always find yourself watching multiple times over the years?
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    Summer Movies 2018 -Which ones are on your list?

    It’s almost time for the summer movie season 2018! Which ones excite you the most? As always doesn’t have to be super hero movies-anything released from now to August in any country can be discussed. Chime in!
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    Celebrate summer flicks & win 2 Lenticular Steelbooks-Zavvi

    :ninja: Hello all new and current ninjas!:ninja: Summer movie season is upon us and we are excited to host a giveaway for 2 awesome Disney Steelbooks. All you have to do is tell us what summer movies you are looking forward to this year! Reply and win these 2 Lenticular Steelbooks. Winner pays...
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    [Winner Chosen]HDN Summer Movie Giveaway # 2 [May]-Win $50 at!

    1st Giveaway (April) winner: metal hunter 2nd Giveaway (May) winner: spass 2nd Giveaway (May)-enter in this thread Hello ninjas! To celebrate the summer movie season and highlight Steelbooks and limited editions from around the world, we are celebrating collectibles by giving away $50...