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  1. GVZER

    Batman [DC Comics]

    Feel free to discuss all Batman comics/series -- past, present and future -- in this thread. Enjoy! ------------------------------------
  2. O

    Custom Creation: The Joker TV Special (feat. Mark Hamill & Jay Nelson)

    Really wanted to share this very personal animated project o'mine with you, guys, (it encapsulates my love for all Joker interpretations across all kinds of mediums) that includes an original script, great vocal performances from such talents as Jay Nelson & Mark Hamill himself (the O.G. Joker...
  3. Wreck

    Mondo The Joker By Mike Mitchell

    The Joker by Mike Mitchell. 12"x16" giclee. Hand numbered. Timed-edition available for purchase until Saturday, January 9th at 11:59PM CST. Printed by Static Medium. $55 We're also excited to continue Mike Mitchell's timed-edition portrait series with THE JOKER featuring Heath Ledger in his...
  4. herpderp

    The Joker (The Dark Knight) - Premium Format Figure [Sideshow Collectibles]

    Release date: Mar 2017 - May 2017 Price: $499.99 Links: Sideshow Exclusive edition - Limited Edition: 1500 - (Left Hand with Detonator) Regular edition - Limited Edition: 3500 Sideshow Exclusive The Sideshow Exclusive edition of the Joker will come with a special game changer – a...