A new member from The middle east

Mar 8, 2023
Hello everyone,
My name is Nawaf ,almost 42yrs from Kuwait that's a tiny country in-between Iraq , KSA and Iran .
I'm a collector of many varieties of things Movies, anime, figures, watches and many other rare collectibles.
Always trying to complete a set whenever possible in a limited budget but sometimes I get lucky.
Looking for other collectors to share our hobbies and may help each other to complete theirs.
Hopefully i could find people works in different countries so i could order the things which can only acquired exclusively to that region like japan and USA . Especially grand markets like target , GameSpot and many which can only be bought if you were a citizen. Because of my country, it is sometimes hard to ship things outside because of the high shipping rate . And qe do have a lot of shipping companies like FedEx, DHL, and others may not be known like Aramex and postaplus . They give us their shipping address to sent our packages to and they take care of delivering it to us . In the end they're getting the job done.
I appreciate all the help, Givin .
✌️ peace