Alita: Battle Angel (4K+3D+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (Black Barons Collection #21) [Czech Republic]

Added to Calendar: 12-11-19

Release date: December 11, 2019
Purchase links: E1 - E2 - E3
Price: 1499 CZK (E1) - 1599 CZK (E2) - 1099 CZK (E3)
Group buy: E1 - E2 - E3 - E4
Note: Magnetic Hard Box (gift when buying all three editions)

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Dear Collectors,
we kindly thank you for giving us extra time to go over some personal and family stuff. Some scars can only be healed by time and we believe that work will be the medicine that helps.
As our manager Jan Cikanek already informed, we had to put on hold RED SPARROW because of the French poster that we could not use and the approving may take more time than expected. We have prepared one exclusive title with UNIVERSAL Studio, but as you know some FAC editions wai...ting to be approved preferably, we believe we should present this title in the next year.
We really wanted to bring you something extra and we believed that we had picked the one that you could love!
We chose ALITA: BATTLE ANGEL for BLACK BARONS #21 featuring an exclusive WEA SteelBook.
Our selling intention is to offer you three numbered editions and a MAGNETIC BOX as a GIFT for those who buy all the three numbered editions:
E1 FullSlip + Lenticular Magnet
E2 Double 3D Lenticular FullSlip
E3 SteelBook Numbered Edition
MAGNETIC GIFT BOX for buying E1 + E2 + E3
We will keep you updated about ALITA and other coming titles. Please also kindly check our release plan.
Best regards,
Team Black Barons

May 1, 2018
*sigh* just when I thought I didn’t want another edition, there’s a WEA SteelBook and a magnetic box now.

Will definitely be trying to get this one!
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Jul 3, 2019
I have been wanting a decent copy of this...I need these.....