Aquaman (Jason Momoa) Premium Format Figure [Sideshow Collectibles]


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Oct 2019 - Dec 2019
Exclusive Edition - Edition Size; TBA
Regular Edition - Edition Size; TBA
Price: $600 / $585

“A son of land, and a son of the seas.”

Sideshow is proud to present the Aquaman Premium Format™ Figure, inspired by James Wan’s epic cinematic vision for Aquaman.

The Aquaman Premium Format™ Figure measures 25” tall, capturing the majesty of the aquatic DC Comics hero as he appears on the silver screen. Painstakingly sculpted based on Jason Momoa’s likeness from the film, his lifelike portrait features golden eyes and flowing hair to represent his heroic undersea presence.

The Aquaman Premium Format™ Figure brings the defender of the seven seas to life in stunning detail. The deep-sea hero stands atop an Atlantean architecture base far beneath the waves, with fluttering kelp, coral, and barnacle details setting the scene. Carved stony tentacles wrap the base, and the Aquaman insignia proudly sits in the center of the display.

The Aquaman Premium Format™ Figure features an orange metallic suit sculpted with incredibly detailed scale armor, paired with sculpted green metallic gloves and leg armor. In his right hand, Aquaman clutches a shining golden trident intricately inscribed with Atlantean text, and at his hips sculpted golden tassets and a belt add to Arthur Curry’s battle-readiness. The figure also wears textured green fabric pants and boot elements carefully tailored to complete the costume inspired by Aquaman’s most iconic, colorful look.

The Exclusive Edition of the Aquaman Premium Format™ Figure includes a swap-out left hand holding Ocean Master’s helmet. With a shining silver helm, pointed fins, and red eyes, this undersea trophy makes a tidal-ly exciting additional display option for your statue.

Give him permission to come aboard your collection- add the Aquaman Premium Format™ Figure to your universe of DC Comics collectibles today!


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