Babylon A.D (Blu-Ray Steelbook FNAC) [France]


From France "FNAC" store exclusive ...

group buy over at trading forum, anyone interested hit me up and we could save on shipping by buying together.

It would be $48 american total if we bought together, as opposed to $56 each. It's region B with a possibility of being region A (us/canada) as well .... You could easily sell this for more in like 3-6 months.
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It is region B, I'm getting one tho, figured one day I would give u or Baily some dough and send me a region B player LOL ... that or sell it someday if I want too, either way its gonna be worth money since its an FNAC exclusive.

Guess what, just like Kill Bill 2 .. this french SB does work in Region A players if you own a ps3 and do the triangle trick

once it comes up to menu change audio to english then hold down triangle and then u can choose to play!!!


Looks like Ill be opening this after all prolly and watching it haha.
Almost all French (france) releases are called TF1 and they are all region B locked. But lately people have been finding out this trick and so far just Kill Bill 2 and this one have confirmed to work in the ps3 if done ... the trick was stated in my above earlier post . Doesnt matter for u since ur B anyways.

I got it from a group buy, but I think its being sold at as well.

Im thinking of doing a group buy from or so I'll post about this if so.
the dude who ordered these said he contacted and the one they sell is a steelbook although not pictured.

jwbbud confirmed this ....

Dear Customer,

Thank you for contacting regarding the article "Babylon A.D [Blu-ray]".

We have received your message and we thank you for this.

As per your email, we have made some research and we would like to inform you that this article is in SteelBook edition like before

We do appreciate that sometimes the amount of information we display may make it difficult to make a purchasing decision unless you already know something about the item. Our editorial staff are constantly working on increasing the information we provide about each item as it becomes available to us.

We would recommend searching for the information you require using one of the online Web search engines. Alternately, we recommend that you post your question to a USENET Newsgroup.

Thank you for choosing

Merci de nous indiquer si cet e-mail a rpondu votre question :

so the one is a SB and plays in the ps3 and no forced subs ... figured id let ya know.
Jan 30, 2009
I think i may have to pick this up. I'm getting into this whole steelbook thing now.

I'm trying to find a kingdom of heaven steelbook. But no luck so far. :(
There isnt one, but there is a Forbidden Kingdom one :p

just check out the full list at ;)

there is alot of german titles and they kick ass since they have english almost always, and most are not region locked and no forced subs.

And you know all Media Markt exclusive ones will be worth money ... (store exclusive)