Batman and Batman Returns (4K+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) (Cine-Museum Art #18) [Italy]


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Mar 12, 2018
Release date: August, 2020 (TBC)
Purchase links: Penguin Version - Catwoman Version (Pre-order on February 15 at 2.30 PM Italy time)
Price: €139.90
Notes: Batman (1989) and Batman Returns will be released in 2 special box set editions
Group buy: Penguin - Catwoman

84234176_628826307867459_6118860424222867456_n_09516e9a-3829-45fe-9a45-5647d692f17a_1024x1024.jpg 81464455_1760222284108595_2073117934242234368_o.jpg 80848305_1760222300775260_346682299774926848_o.jpg
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Jan 4, 2012
Update from CM Facebook page.......

- Batman + Batman Returns CMA#18: Having postponed the release of OUATIH CMA # 21, we have accelerated work on Batman which is very complex due to the two very delicate Collectible Boxes.
Over the next few days we will be able to indicate a more accurate date based on the times that will be confirmed by the supplier of the lenticular cards and the Boxes.