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Aug 27, 2012
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Calling quits on collecting. Have almost a thousand titles in my collection between steelbooks, digibooks, digipacks, metalpaks, Ironpacks, Viva Metal Boxes, Futurepaks,
Limited Editions, Amarays which I gradually list over this thread here. Please PM me if you
are interested in buying 5 or more steels. This will save you on shipping. All Prices are in USD $


TitleMedia TypeSource$Comments
The Shawshank Redemption (OAB#56) 4K+BD WWA Steelbook (China)4K SteelbookBlufans140Brand New & Sealed
Spider-Man: Far From Home WEA Steelbook (BLUFANS EXCLUSIVE #57) Fan-Box EditionSteelbookBlufans105Brand New & Sealed
Spider-Man: Far From Home WWA Steebook Only At BLUFANS (OAB#57) WWA (China)SteelbookBlufans60Brand New & Sealed
Da Vinci Code, Angels & Demons, Inferno PackageMetalpak/SteelbookChina & HDZETA250Brand New & Sealed
James Bond CollectionSteelbookMix250Ask for details
The Majestic GlossySteelbookCustom Made55Like New In Mint Condition
Godzilla 1998SteelbookBlufans75Brand New & Sealed
Godzilla Fanatic Selection4kK SteelbookBlufans120Brand New & Sealed loose Disc
Godfather Collection Gold with Playing CardsSteelbookBlufans90Open in Mint Condition
The World's End 1-ClickSteelbookEverything Blu150Open in Mint Condition ask for Details
Hot Fuzz 1-ClickSteelbookEverything Blu130Open in Mint Condition ask for Details
Leon Collector's Edition 4K SteelbookZavvii130Brand New & Sealed
BFGSteelbookAmazon UK10New & Sealed
E.T.SteelbookAmazon UK5open little scratch on side
Man with the Iron FistsSteelbookAmazon UK15New & Sealed
Schindler's ListDigipackAmazon UK17New & Sealed
SkyfallSteelbookAmazon UK36New & Sealed comes with Lenticular Magnet
Star Wars Original & Star Wars Prequel Collection2 SteelbooksAmazon UK100New & Sealed
X-Men Days of Future PastDigibookAmazon UK5New & Sealed
SerpicoSteelbookArrow UK6Open Mint
Last House on the LeftFuturepakAustria30New & Sealed
Fifty Shades of GreySteelbookBest Buy Canada3open in mint condition
Star Trek II: Wrath of KhanSteelbookBest Buy Canada8New & Sealed
2 GunsMetalpakBest Buy USA13New & Sealed
Aladdin 4KSteelbookBest Buy USA25ope in mint condition comes with postcards
American AssassinSteelbookBest Buy USA25open in mint condition comes with postcards
ArgoSteelbookBest Buy USA14New & Sealed
AvengersLtd EditionBest Buy USA90open in mint condition comes with accessories
Avengers: Age of Ultron UltraSTeelbookBest Buy USA16New & Sealed comes with postcards
BraveViva Metal BoxBest Buy USA5open in mint condtion
Captain America First Avenger 4KSteelbookBest Buy USA17open in mint condtion comes with postcards
Cars 2Viva Metal BoxBest Buy USA9open in mint condtion
Daniel Craig CollectionSteelbookBest Buy USA34New & Sealed
Dumbo 2019SteelbookBest Buy USA35New & Sealed comes with postcards
DunkirkSteelbookBest Buy USA7open in mint condtion
Fifty Shades DarkerSteelbookBest Buy USA5open in mint condtion
Finding NemoViva Metal BoxBest Buy USA13open in mint condtion
Game of Thrones Season 5DigipackBest Buy USA14open in mint condtion
Hunger Games CollectionSteelbookBest Buy USA40Ask for Details
Mad MaxMetalboxBest Buy USA10New & Sealed
Mary Poppins ReturnsSteelbookBest Buy USA13New & Sealed comes with postcards
MuppetsViva Metal BoxBest Buy USA5Open Mint Condition
SouthpawSteelbookBest Buy USA8New & Sealed
True Detectvies Season 2Slip/DigipackBest Buy USA8Open in Mint Condition
WaterworldSteelbookBest Buy USA45Open comes with Slip Cover and Goodies
World War ZSteelbookBest Buy USA22New & Sealed
Ant-ManEmpty BoxBlufans20Open in Mint Condition
Avengers Infinity WarEmpty BoxBlufans20Open in Mint Condition
Elite SquadViva Metal BoxBlufans50New & Sealed
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 21 Click Empty BoxBlufans20Open in Mint Condition
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2Empty BoxBlufans20Open in Mint Condition
JFKSteelbookBlufans105New & Sealed
Real SteelSteelbookBlufans60with coin Open in Mint Condition
RioSteelbookBlufans45Open in Mint Condition
Bridge on the River KwaiDigibookCanada28New & Sealed
DepartedSteelbookCanada26New & Sealed
Gangs of New YorkSteelbookCanada6Open in Mint Condition
GoosebumpsSteelbookCanada23open in mint condition
Green LanternSteelbookCanada19New & Sealed comes with postcards
Nutty ProfessorLtd EditionCanada37New & Sealed
V for VendettaSteelbookCanada17open in mint condition
7th SonSteelbookChina23New & Sealed comes with postcards
American SniperFuturepakChina12New & Sealed
Captain America: The First AvengerDigipackChina45Open in Mint Condition comes with postcards
Cowboys & AliensDigibookChina30New & Sealed
Green HornetSteelbookChina13open in mint condition
Green MileSteelbookChina35New & Sealed
Hotel Transylvania 1&2SteelbookChina30New & Sealed
John CarterViva Metal BoxChina65New & Sealed
RangoDigipackChina25New & Sealed
AntmanLenticular MagnetCudzindrip14
Star trekLenticular MagnetCudzindrip14
Star Trek: Into DarknessLenticular MagnetCudzindrip14
Dead PoolLenticular MagnetCudzndrips14
Guardians of the GalaxyLenticular Magnetcudzndrips14
Quantum of SolaceLenticular MagnetCudzndrips14
Star TrekLenticular MagnetCudzndrips14
Star Trek: Into DarknessLenticular MagnetCudzndrips14
GravityFuturpakDubai21New & Sealed
Great GatsbyMetalpakDubai26New & Sealed
Hansel GretelSteelbookES Store28New & Sealed
Need for SpeedSteelbookES Store24open in mint condition
Red 2SteelbookES Store44New & Sealed
Star Trek: Into Darkness ES ExclSteelbookES Store45New & Sealed
13 Hours: The Secret Soldiers of Ben GhaziSteelbookFilm Arena53open in Mint Condition with Best Buy Steelbook
Black MassSteelbookFilm Arena53New & Sealed
Child 44SteelbookFilm Arena53New & Sealed
Deadpool 21/4 SlipFilm Arena53Open in Mint Condition
Gemini ManSteelbookFilm Arena53New & Sealed
Hunger Games Mocking Jay Pt. 1SteelbookFilm Arena53New & Sealed
In the Heart of the SeaSteelbookFilm Arena53New & Sealed
KingsmanSteelbookFilm Arena53New & Sealed
Love RosieSteelbookFilm Arena53New & Sealed
PixlesSteelbookFilm Arena53New & Sealed
UnbrokenSteelbookFilm Arena53New & Sealed
AladdinSteelbookFNAC France15New & Sealed
PathfinderFuturepakFNAC France40New & Sealed
AustraliaDigibookFrance26New & Sealed
Batman 1989 Titan of Cults4K SteelbookFrance45New & Sealed
BloodfatherSteelbookFrance21New & Sealed
Blue VelvetDigibookFrance22New & Sealed
Bullett to the HeadTin BoxFrance38New & Sealed
Cloudy with a Chance of MeatballsMetalpakFrance21Open in Mint Condition
Dark Knight TrilogyTin BoxFrance38New & Sealed
Dark ShadowsSteelbookFrance54Open in Mint Condition'
DictatorSteelbookFrance43New & Sealed
Django UnchainedFuturepakFrance53New & Sealed
DreddTin BoxFrance25New & Sealed
Gran TorinoDigibookFrance22New & Sealed
Ninja AssassinSteelbookFrance34New & Sealed
November ManSteelbookFrance30New & Sealed
PanSteelbookFrance29New & Sealed comes with postcards
Sherlock HolmesDigibookFrance20New & Sealed
SurvivorSteelbookFrance22New & Sealed
TurboSteelbookFrance31New & Sealed
DesperadoSteelbookFuture Shop Canada21New & Sealed
Hobbit: Battle of 5 ArmiesSteelbookFuture Shop Canada21New & Sealed
Robocop 2014MetalpakFuture Shop Canada42New & Sealed
Snow White & the HuntsmanSteelbookFuture Shop Canada15New & Sealed
Wall-ESteelbookFuture Shop Canada61Open in Mint Cond
2012SteelbookGermany5Open in Mint Cond
12 Years a SlaveDigibookGermany26New & Sealed
21 Jump StreetSteelbookGermany15New & Sealed
47 RoninSteelbookGermany61New & Sealed comes with slip box
American GangsterSteelbookGermany16New & Sealed comes with postcards
BeowulfSteelbookGermany20New & Sealed comes with postcards
Blood TiesSteelbookGermany24New & Sealed
Blues BrothersSteelbookGermany47New & Sealed
Book of EliSteelbookGermany29New & Sealed comes with postcards
Butterfly EffectDigibookGermany25New & Sealed
Casino RoyaleSteelbookGermany48open in good condition comes with lenticular magnet
CoplandSteelbookGermany23New & Sealed
Dallas Buyer ClubDigibookGermany19New & Sealed
Death Race 2SteelbookGermany15New & Sealed
District 9SteelbookGermany15New & Sealed
Dragon BladeSteelbookGermany43Open in Mint Condition
Expendables (3 Hero Pack Sets) (1,2,3)SteelbooksGermany123New & Sealed
FasterSteelbookGermany22New & Sealed
Gangster SquadSteelbookGermany40New & Sealed
Godzilla Vs. KongSteelbookGermany50New & Sealed
GoldfingerSteelbookGermany22New & Sealed
Iron SkySteelbookGermany25New & Sealed
Jack Ryan CollectionSteelbookGermany40New & Sealed
Java HeatSteelbookGermany11New & Sealed
Killing SeasonSteelbookGermany38New & Sealed
Last Stand Hero Pack SetSteelbookGermany50New & Sealed
MaggieSteelbookGermany22New & Sealed
Ninja: Shadow of FearPlain ArchiveGermany85Brand New & Sealed Ask for Details
PatriotSteelbookGermany25New & Sealed
Pearl HarborSteelbookGermany33New & Sealed comes with postcards
Resident Evil QuadrilogySteelbookGermany101New & Sealed
Sabotage SaturnSteelbookGermany42New & Sealed
Smokin AcesSteelbookGermany21New & Sealed
Snakes on a Plane DVDSteelbookGermany31New & Sealed
Snow White & the HuntsmanLtd EditionGermany40open in mint condition
Spiderman 1-3SteelbookGermany63open in mint condition
ThinnerMedia BookGermany40New & Sealed
UnforgetableMetalpakGermany20New & Sealed
VacationSteelbookGermany25New & Sealed
WolfmanSteelbookGermany30New & Sealed comes with postcards
ZombielandSteelbookGermany35Brand New & Sealed
Angry BirdsSteelbookHDZETA50New & Sealed
ArgoLenti with 1 Click BoxHDZETA50New & Sealed
Dark TowerLenticularHDZETA50New & Sealed
EverestSteelbookHDZETA40Open in Mint Condition
Inglorious BasterdsSilver LabelHDZETA55New & Sealed
Legend of TarzanSteelbookHDZETA55New & Sealed
MartianSteelbookHDZETA66Open with Best buy Extended Steelbook
MinionsSteelbookHDZETA50Open in mint condition
RampageSteelbookHDZETA60New & Sealed
San AndreasSteelbookHDZETA56Open In Mint Condition

Amazing SpidermanSteelbookHMV UK32Brand New & Sealed
Devil's DoubleSteelbookHMV UK27Brand New & Sealed
Flash GordonSteelbookHMV UK32Tiny Dent
Girl With the Dragon TatooSteelbookHMV UK41Open in good Condition
GrimsbySteelbookHMV UK40Brand New & Sealed Comes with Slip Box
Prinnce of Persia Triple PlaysteelbookHMV UK35Brand New & Sealed
Sherlock Holmes: Game of ShadowsSteelbookHMV UK34Brand New & Sealed
Total Recall 2012SteelbookHMV UK26Opein in Mint Condition'
Von Ryan's ExpressLtd EdHMV UK15Brand New & Sealed
Wrath of the TitansSteelbookHMV UK35Open in Mint Condition
Zombieland DoubletabSteelbookHMV UK35Brand New & Sealed
Basic DVDMetalpakHolland5Brand New & Sealed
Highlander 1-3 DVDMetalpakHolland5Brand New & Sealed
Lord of WarMetalpakHolland35Brand New & Sealed
Man on a LedgeFuturepakHolland30Opein in Mint Condition
SaharaMetalpakHolland35Brand New & sealed
Amazing spider-Man 2SteelbookHong kong40Brand New & Sealed
Ant-Man & the WaspLtd EdHong kong70Brand New & Sealed
Jupiter AscendingFuturepakHong Kong45Brand New & Sealed comes with postcards

***** SlapSteelbookItaly18Brand New & Sealed comes with postcards
Commuter 4KSteelbookItaly18Brand New & Sealed
Dead in TombstoneSteelbookItaly15Brand New & Sealed
DeadpoolSteelbookItaly25Brand New & Sealed
In the Name of the FatherSteelbookItaly15Open in Mint Condition'
InterpreterSteelbookItaly20Brand New & Sealed
Act of ValorFuturepakJapan44Brand New & Sealed
Escape PlanMetalpakJapan38Brand New & Sealed
Cruela4K SteelbookJBHifi Australia29Brand New & Sealed
Red Riding HoodCustom DigipackJoMaSanRa26open New in Mint Condition
Finding DoryLenticularKimchi58Brand New & sealed
Hateful 8Full Slip AmarayKimchi42Open in Mint Conditon
Hitman: Agent 47SteelbookKimchi44Open in Mint Condition
MachetteLenticularKimchi45Brand New & sealed
The Dark TowerLenticularKimchi51Open in Mint Condition
The Good DinosaurSteelbookKimchi49Brand New & Sealed
The WalkFull SlipKimchi52Open in Mint Condition
Big Hero 6SteelbookKorea53Brand New & Sealed
DunkirkLentiManta Lab Hong Kong66Brand New & Sealed
LoganSpecial BoxManta Lab Hong Kong120Opein in good condition tiny crease on case
X-Men ApocalypseLenticularManta Lab Hong Kong60Brand New & Sealed
ThorSteelbookMiddle East55Brand New & Sealed comes with postcards
LooperSteelbookMondo Canada33Brand New & Sealed
Jungle BookFull Slip ANova Media Korea60Open in Mint Condition
Molly's GameLentiNova Media Korea40Brand New & Sealed
Carlito's WaySteelbookPlay.com UK28Brand New & Sealed
Godfather CollectionLtd./SteelbookPlay.com UK100Brand New & Sealed comes with Slip Cover and Postcards
LawlessSteelbookPlay.com UK34Open in Mint Condition
ShooterSteelbookPlay.com UK32Open in Mint Condition
UntouchablesSteelbookPlay.com UK41Open in Mint Condition
Thor: The Dark World with PenSteelbookSingapore48Brand New & Sealed comes with postcards
OblivionSteelbookSlovakia32Open in Mint Condition
Dances with WolvesMetalpakSpain25Open in Mint Condition
Mad Max TrilogySteelbookSpain30Brand New & Sealed
Masters of the UniverseMetalpakSpain31Brand New & Sealed
Backdraft DVDSteelbookSweden5Brand New & Sealed
Battle: Los AngelesSteelbookSweden37Open in Mint Condition
SaltSteelbookSweden33Open in Mint Condition
300: Rise of an EmpireFuturepakTaiwan53Brand New & Sealed
MinionsEgg ShapedTaiwan37Open in Mint Condition
NoahSteelbookTaiwan46Brand New & Sealed
Teenage Mutant Ninja TurtlesFuturepakTaiwan51Brrand New & Sealed
White House DownSteelbookTaiwan30Brand New & Sealed
BambiDigibookTarget USA36Brand New & Sealed
Beauty & the Beast 2017 Live ActionDigibookTarget USA36Brand New & Sealed
Big Hero 6SteelbookTarget USA35Brand New & Sealed
Dark Knight RisesDigibookTarget USA23Brand New & Sealed
Fantastic Four 2015DigibookTarget USA22Open in Mint Condition
Finding DorySteelbookTarget USA37Open in Mint Condition
Flash: Season 1Lenticular SlipTarget USA29Brand New & Sealed
GlassSteelbookTarget USA31Brand New & Sealed
Gotham: Season 1TinTarget USA49Brand New & Sealed
Italian JobMetalpakTarget USA26Brand New & Sealed
Lady & the TrampDigibookTarget USA39Brand New & Sealed
MoanaDigibookTarget USA31Open in Mint Condition
Penny Dreadful Season 2Slip CoverTarget USA33Open in Mint Condition
PinocchioDigibookTarget USA37Brand New & Sealed
Power RangersSteelbookTarget USA25Brand New & Sealed
Sleepy Hollow Season 1DigibookTarget USA53Brand New & Sealed
Straight Outta ComptonSteelbookTarget USA30Brand New & Sealed
Stranger Things Season 1VHS PackagingTarget USA49Open in Mint Condition
Strsnger Things Season 2VHS PackagingTarget USA29Open in Mint Condition
Supergirl Season 1Lenti SlipcoverTarget USA39Brand New & Sealed
Top GunMetalpakTarget USA28Brand New & Sealed
John CarterViva Metal BoxThailand65Brand New & Sealed
The Last AirbenderMetalpakThailand60Brand New & Sealed comes with postcards
300SteelbookUK32Open in Mint Condition with postcards
10,000 B.C.SteelbookUK32Open in Mint Condition with postcards
After EarthSteelbookUK28Open in Mint Condition
Amitville HorrorSteelbookUK23Brand New & Sealed
AvatarSteelbookUK33Open in Mint Condition comes with postcards
Aviator DVDSteelbookUK5Brand New & Sealed
Basic InstinctLtd EditionUK65Brand New & Sealed
Batman CollectionSteelbookUK175Brand New & Sealed Ask for Details
Battlestar Gallactica Complete SeriesLtd EditionUK51open in mint condition
Captain PhillipsSteelbookUK28Open in Mint Condition
Chariots of FireSteelbookUK16Brand New & Sealed
Clash of the TitansSteelbookUK17Open in Mint Condition
ElysiumSteelbookUK29Brand New & Sealed
Full MontySteelbookUK20Brand New & Sealed
Game of Thrones Season 1SteelbookUK10Brand New & Sealed
Game of Thrones Season 2SteelbookUK10Brand New & Sealed
Game of Thrones Season 3SteelbookUK10Brand New & Sealed
Game of Thrones Season 4SteelbookUK10Brand New & Sealed
Game of Thrones Season 8 4KSteelbookUK30Brand New & Sealed
GhostbustersSteelbookUK23Open in Mint Condition
Great GatsbySteelbookUK26Brand New & Sealed
Guns of NavaroneSlipUK10Brand New & Sealed
Hancock DVDSteelbookUK8Brand New & Sealed
Last KnightsSteelbookUK17Brand New & sealed
Non StopSteelbookUK25Brand New & Sealed
Ready Player One Titan of CultsSteelbookUK50Brand New & Sealed
Rising SunSteelbookUK17Brand New & Sealed
Robocop 2014SteelbookUK22Brand New & Sealed
Robot OverlordsSteelbookUK16Brand New & Sealed
Safe HouseSteelbookUK20Brand New & Sealed
Seven Psychopaths HDN ExclusiveSteelbookUK52Brand New & Sealed
Star Trek 1-XLtd EditionUK125Brand New & Sealed
Star Trek: Into DarknessSteelbookUK41Brand New & Sealed
SweeneySteelbookUK35Brand New & Sealed
Tomb Raider 2018SteelbookUK35Brand New & Sealed
Total Recall 19904K SteelbookUK50Brand New & Sealed
TransporterMetalpakUK18Brand New & Sealed
White Men Can't JumpMetalpakUK20Brand New & Sealed
Wonder Woman Titan of CultSteelbookUK45Brand New & Sealed
CasablancaLTD. EDUSA58Brand nEw & Sealed
Children of the CornSteelbookUSA24Brand nEw & Sealed
Christmas CarolLtd EditionUSA64Brand nEw & Sealed
Chronicles of Narnia: Voyage of Dawn TreaderDigipackUSA11Open in Mint Condition
CleopatraDigibookUSA33Brand New & Sealed
Dark Knight comes with HDZETA Empty BoxSteelbookUSA55Brand New & Sealed Read Details in Comments
Death RaceSteelbookUSA15
Deep ImpactMetalpakUSA33Some dings
Empire of the SunDigibookUSA8Open in Mint Condition
EpicDigibookUSA25Brand New & Sealed
FlatlinersSteelbookUSA28Brand New & Sealed
For Your Eyes OnlySteelbookUSA22Brand New & Sealed
From Russia with LoveSteelbookUSA22Brand New & Sealed
Game of Thrones Season 4DigipackUSA46Open in Good condition
Godzilla 2014MetalpakUSA41Brand New & Sealed
Gotham Season 2Slip BoxUSA40Brand New & Sealed
Gotham Season 3SlipboxUSA40Brand New & Sealed
Hansel & GretelDigibookUSA62Brand New & Sealed
How the West was WonDigibookUSA30Brand New & Sealed
HulkSteelbookUSA22Brand New & Sealed
Journey 2SteelbookUSA29Brand New & Sealed
Journey to the Center of EarthSteelbookUSA31Brand New & Sealed
Avengers: Age of Ultron PackageSteelbookVarious85Open in Mint Condition Ask for Details
Bad Boys PackageSteelbookVarious90Open in Mint Condition Ask for Details
Creepshow PackageVariousVarious135Open in Mint Condition Ask for Details
Deadpool 2SteelbookVarious95Open in Mint Condition Ask for Details
Fast & Furious PackageSteelbookVarious251Brand New & Sealed Ask for Details
Fear the Walking Dead 1-5 PackageSteelbooks/AmaraysVarious165Brand New & Sealed Ask for Details
John Wick 1-3 PackageSteelbook PlusVarious145Open in Mint Condition Ask for Details
Maze Runner CollectionSteelbookVarious162Ask for Details
Men in Black PackageMetapaks/SteelbooksVarious90Ask for Details
Now you See Me PackageLtd Ed/SteelbookVarious90Ask for Details
Riddick CollectionSteelbookVarious75Brand New & Sealed Ask for Details
Sherlock the Complete SeriesSteelbookVarious110Ask for Details
Smurfs Steelbook CollectionSteelbookVarious91Brand New & Sealed Ask for Details
Sound of Music PackageLtd Ed/SteelbookVarious55Read Comments Ask for Details
The Bourne CollectionSteelbookVarious118Ask for Details
Transformers PackageSteelbooks/DigipackVarious335Brand New & Sealed Ask for Details
Underworld Steelbook CollectionSteelbookVarious95Brand New & Sealed Ask for Details
Wizard of Oz PackageLtd Ed/SmetalpakVarious55Ask for Details
HerculesSteelbookWalmart USA34Brand New & Sealed comes with postcards
Hobbit: Unexpected JourneyDigibookWalmart USA52Brand New & Sealed
American Werewolf in London4K SteelbookZavvi30Brand New & Sealed
Animal kingdomSteelbookZavvi10Brand New & Sealed
Antman & the WaspLenticularZavvi55Brand New & Sealed comes with postcards
Avengers End GameLenticular SteelbookZavvi55Brand New & Sealed comes with postcards
Avengers End GameLenticular SteelbookZavvi55Brand New & Sealed comes with postcards
Avengers/Avengers Age of UltronSteelbookZavvi55Brand New & Sealed
Avengers: End GameCE SteelbookZavvi105New & Sealed comes with postcards
Avengers: Infinity WarLenticular SteelbookZavvi50New & Sealed comes with postcards
AviatorSteelbookZavvi50New & Sealed comes with postcards
BeetlejuiceSteelbookZavvi33Open in Mint Condition
Back to the Future Set (3 Steelbooks)SteelbookZavvi60Open in Mint Condition comes with a set of postcards
Beverly Hills CopSteelbookZavvi35Brand New & Sealed
Big Hero 6LenticularZavvi15Brand New & Sealed
Captain MarvelCE SteelbookZavvi105Brand New & Sealed
Captain MarvelLenticulsr SteelbookZavvi50Brand New & Sealed comes with postcards
CarrieMetalpakZavvi23Brand New & Sealed
CarsSteelbookZavvi35Brand New & Sealed
Doctor StrangeLentiZavvi55Brand New & Sealed comes with postcards
Draculla (B&W)SteelbookZavvi15Brand New & Sealed
Easy RiderSteelbookZavvi13Open in Mint Condition
Enemy MineSteelbookZavvi50Brand New & Sealed
FrankensteinSteelbookZavvi19Brand New & Sealed
Ghostbuster 2SteelbookZavvi23Open in Mint Condition
GotG Vol. 2SteelbookZavvi30Brand New & sealed comes with postcards
GotG Vol. 2 4Ksteelbookzavvi50Brand New & sealed comes with postcards
HancockSteelbookZavvi20Brand New & Sealed comes with postcards
I, Robot 3DSteelbookZavvi25Brand New & sealed
It 1&2Box SetZavvi95Brand New & sealed
It 1990SteelbookZavvi28Brand New & sealed
Jungle Cruise4K SteelbookZavvi28Brand New & Sealed comes with postcards
Karate KidSteelbookZavvi25Brand New & sealed
Last Action Hero4K Ltd Ed SBZavvi85Brand New & sealed
Maleficient Mistress of EvilCE SteelbookZavvi85Brand New & sealed
No Time to Die4K SteelbookZavvi36Brand New & Sealed
Purge AnarchySteelbookZavvi18Brand New & Sealed
Spider-Man Far From HomeCE SteelbookZavvi110Open in Mint Condition Comees with Japan Steelbook + 4K Zavvi Disc
The BirdsSteelbookZavvi15Open in Mint Condition
The GamblerSteelbookZavvi8Open in Mint Condition
The GameSteelbookZavvi20Brand New & Sealed
The Mummy (B&W)SteelbookZavvi15Brand New & Sealed
Thor The Dark WorldLenticular SteelbookZavvi50Brand New & Sealed comes with postcards
TremorsSteelbookZavvi16Brand New & Sealed
Tucker & Dale Vs. EvilSteelbookZavvi16Brand New & Sealed
UnknownSteelbookZavvi16Brand New & Sealed
X-Men Phoenix4K LenticularZavvi47Brand New & Sealed
Back to the Future SetSteelbookZavvi UK54Open in Mint Condition Ask for Details
Antman Slip CoversSlipsZesty412 sets
DeadpoolSlip CoverZesty21
Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 2Slip BoxZesty21

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