Blade Runner 2049 (3D+2D Blu-ray SteelBook) [UK]


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Sep 10, 2012
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My Zavvi order of the steelbook was delivered this morning

I will also have delivery of the limited edition slipcover with bonus disc and art cards tomorrow

Hmv UK exclusive Mondo steelbook I expect I will have on Thursday or Friday

Weekend viewing what film I wonder will I be viewing :LOL: :p
Sep 29, 2013
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Yes they are. By the way, if you get the chance to lay your hands on a Kimchi fullslip edition, snap it up. One of the finest editions of any movie ever!!
I'm sure the extra goodies that Kimchi has are great, and as much as I love this film I've already spent a lot on it... the italian made whiskey glasses, art book, 2 posters, Neca's wooden horse and spinner, metal earth spinner, metal origami unicorn, and Deckard's blaster (which I may sell as I'm not thrilled about the permanent base). I didn't like the minor differences on Best Buy's steelbook so I opted for the zavvi and amazon italy steelbooks which I have on order (I'm realizing they're identical except for the discs). Glad to know they're all the same finish though!
Plus my girlfriend got me K's leather jacket for Christmas, so I think I'm set lol
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