Bumblebee (Blu-ray SteelBook) (HDzeta Silver Label Special Edition) [China]

Mar 7, 2019
Taken from the other forum

HDZeta is planning 2 Editions for this. Each will be a Single Lenti, on top of that this release will also have a OC Box like A Star is Born and Schindler's List and the Box will feature another Lenticular.
Sounds very promising! :happy: I'm assuming we'll get the two WWA steelbooks (one with 3D and one with 4K)
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Mar 7, 2019
There was no 3D Blu-ray release of Bumblebee

Bumblebee formats 4K UHD and 2D Blu-ray
Oh yes that was it, got it mixed up my bad! Haha

Great news! Isn't Umania also planning a premium release for Bumblebee?
Are they? Haven’t heard anything tbh other than that they were selling both the 4K and 2D WWA Steelbooks.

Hopefully UMania will do a WEA if they do one for Bumblebee
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May 1, 2018
Oh dang... I’ll take an HDZeta slip over anything else (love their folder with cards and book inside) but if there’s a WWA UMania release I might have to do some SteelBook swapping.