Candyman (Blu-ray SteelBook) (Arrow Video) (Zavvi Exclusive) [UK]

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Censored version is an epic fail.

Happy with my collectors edition.....
It's only psychiatrist scene in the film that is uncut in UK theatrical cut

USA Scream Factory release also has R-rated and Unrated Cuts of the Film for those not aware

Run time is the same in for both USA R-rated Theatrical cut and UK Theatrical cut
Note both film cuts are 2K restorations from a 4K scan of the negative

Disc 1 the USA R-rated Theatrical Cut is the main disc in the arrow video digipack slipcase limited edition as that has the main extras

Steelbook Details
  • Limited Edition Steelbook featuring new artwork by Matthew Griffin
  • Restoration of the US R-rated version from a 4K scan of the original negative, supervised and approved by writer-director Bernard Rose and director of photography Anthony B. Richmond
  • 5.1 DTS-HD MA and Original Uncompressed Stereo 2.0 Audio
  • Audio commentary with writer-director Bernard Rose and actor Tony Todd
  • Audio commentary with authors Stephen Jones and Kim Newman
  • Be My Victim – interview with actor Tony Todd
  • It Was Always You, Helen – interview with actor Virginia Madsen
  • The Writing on the Wall: The Production Design of Candyman – interview with production designer Jane Ann Stewart
  • Forbidden Flesh: The Makeup FX of Candyman – interviews with special makeup effects artists Bob Keen, Gary J. Tunnicliffe and Mark Coulier
  • A Story to Tell: Clive Barker’s “The Forbidden” – writer Douglas E. Winter on Clive Barker’s seminal Books of Blood and Candyman’s source story “The Forbidden”
  • Urban Legend: Unwrapping Candyman – a critical analysis of the film with writers Tananarive Due and Steven Barnes
  • Original Theatrical Trailer
  • Image Gallery
  • Three rarely seen Bernard Rose short films, restored in HD: A Bomb With No Name on It (1975), The Wreckers (1976), and Looking at Alice (1977)


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I wasn't aware there was a digipack.

I have the UK limited edition and it's not a digipack. It's just an Amaray in a slip.
Correct it was a amaray case in a slipbox

Disc 1 in that release is the main disc of that release and is why that was used in the later standard edition and also in this steelbook release

There is not a lot of a difference between both cuts of film like you see with some other films
It's only the psychiatrist scene that is more gorey in the UK theatrical cut

Disc 1 has the main extras and also has exclusive extras on that disc that is not included in the scream factory release

Best option is to have both Arrow and Scream Factory releases as each has differences
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Oct 18, 2016
A1 movie, this. Already have the Arrow limited edition, which re-ignited my love for this film - It really has alot to offer (the movie), even though it’s from the nineties! Have lost alot of interest in Arrow over the last few months but their limited edition of this is superb, imo. As for this being the cut version, i compared the two cuts a few months ago - hardly anything in it, a few seconds. Basically, not worth worrying about the missing few secs. Besides, on the uncut 2nd disc, the reinstated scene is in standard definition, which is not ideal, really. I watched this movie 5 times over last summer, and only watched the uncut version once, as overall i preferred the R-rated disc (disc 1).
As for this steelbook, i think it looks sweet - the back art is nice and ominous - if arrow spot gloss some of this then it will be even sweeter.......sweets to the sweet! Looks like no leaflet though (?).
Oct 9, 2019
What I like about the cover is that style they used earlier on these HMV-exclusive slipcovers for Lights Out, It and some others.


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I'm still waiting on Zavvi to dispatch my order even though payment was already taken 4 days ago

That's 2 orders where I have had payment taken but my orders are not yet dispatched

Quite Place Steelbook and Candyman Steelbook

Majority of my previous Zavvi orders was dispatched same day payment was taken or by next day