Cannibal Holocaust (Limited Extreme Edition) [Austria]


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Oct 29, 2014

Release October 3rd 2015

Price 99,99€


Limited to 1000 Units

Woodbox with Film Can

Bonus Features:

- 3 Audio Commentary with Ruggero Deodato , Marcus Stiglegger , Carl Yorke and Francesca Ciardi
- Rumble in the Jungle: Deodato reminds
- Welcome to the Junge Blood Machine: Salvo Basile about the Film Shooting
- Interviews and many more

Tenebrarum DVD-Rom Bonus:
- The Last Road to Hell Revisited

- Tenebrarum Booklet with 76 Pages from Martin Beine
- Magazine ``tenebrarum number one: Cannibal Holocaust´´ (96 pages)
- Magazine ``tenebrarum presents Cannibal Holocaust as promoted in Italy´´ (20 pages)
- Tenebrarum-Poster "Iconic Impaled Girl"

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The Naughty Dog
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Jul 17, 2013
Very solid packing. This wooden box has card board slip that is protecting it. DTM had also added little bit bigger box, full of protective paper and cardboards.
Are you thinking about getting this?:)))
Thanks for the info buddy. No I don't consider getting it. I am (a little) scared of watching this movie (just like "a serbian movie" haha).
I will order a big box like this from dtm sooner or later, that's why I asked :thumbs: So far I only ordered a mediabook. That packing was also solid. The carton was VERY study but not bubblewrap if I remember correctly
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Feb 17, 2011
Purchased this the other week had it sent to uk and at some point will have it sent to me, im hoping its packed well but shipping box was tapped up with border force i wonder why? Does this happen often as cant remember it happening before when i was in uk.