Casino Royale (Blu-ray SteelBook) (Best Buy Exclusive) [USA]


The 'Negative' Ninja
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Feb 12, 2012
Release date: September 15th, 2015
Purchase link: Casino Royale
Price: $12.99

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Makaveli the Don...
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Apr 23, 2014
Awesome choice,really enjoyed this movie when it was released and it still remains one of my favourite till this day...

schrute farms

Adamantium Ninja
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Apr 23, 2013
DFW, Texas
None at the Mansfield BB.

I take that back. There were about a dozen of each title in the kiosk near the register. Most looked pretty good and scratch free. Casino Royale even has a gloss finish!
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May 22, 2010
california usa
now this is an awesome steel, i have the German original release that i love but i could not resist to get this one, you can refuse that price n art....i'm surprised nobody was looking fore this, i had all the time in the world to check on them for imperfections...:)


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Jun 21, 2013
Here it is. Much better than expected! Inside artwork is meh, but the glossy artwork front and back, and the fact that this is the only Casino Royale steelbook without a blue banner, makes the $12 cost well worth it!
Yeah, the whole wave turned out pretty good. Not the greatest quality, but very decent for catalog titles like these.