Cinderella (1950) - Anniversary Edition (Blu-ray SteelBook) (The Signature Collection) (Best Buy Exclusive) [USA]

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Jul 20, 2016

There you go trying to steal our exclusives again. Best Buy USA hasn't announced this yet :squint: :LOL:.

Why don't you ever put up a TBA thread for Canada when the U.S. puts up a major Avengers Endgame?
Hint. Hint. :)
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Mar 24, 2013
Why cant we wait for actual links to be live before posting. Even though it is highly likely BB will carry this, IMO it would be prudent to have actual info in the OP.
Release date: June 25, 2019
Order link:
Price: CA$ 34.99 (Blu-ray + DVD)

Don't think I like this one in spite of its pretty colours and Impressionist style - more Monet than Manet - and certainly different to the others in the Signature collection . . . the only thing giving these steelbooks a certain uniformity are the two characters on the front . . . on the back in the case of THE LITTLE MERMAID:-


Blaugrana 4ever
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I really shouldn't be getting this as it lacks a 4K disc, but those damned colors keep drawing me in. Ordered along with 2015. I also like how consistent both inside artworks are showing Cinderella coming down the steps. June 25th will be a really expensive Disney day :(
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May 22, 2010
california usa
i picked this up today and it is a really nice and elegant steelbook, but now that i have it in hand i must say i prefer the UK better, but it is a nice companion to Zavvi's and my guys crazy about double dip what about triple lol
Mar 24, 2013
From what I can see looks gorgeous in that rich royal purple, full gloss finish (like the just released DUMBO) and debossed title (ditto)...

... certainly more purple than the equally delightful full gloss UK steelbook with embossed glass slipper and title:-
Feb 1, 2017
Very similar to the Peter Pan Anniversary Edition steelbook released in the US recently. Full gloss, debossed title. This one’s a winner!

I never had the opportunity to grab the Zavvi embossed one so I’m glad to have this new one from Best Buy. What a pretty lady! This one and Dumbo are keepers for sure
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