Manta Lab [CLOSED] GB Manta Lab Exclusive Kingsman: The Secret Service [ME#4] [Worldwide]


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Jan 6, 2015
Dear Ninjas,

I am happy to host the GB for Manta Lab ME#4] Kingsman: The Secret Service


Detailed Packaging Shots:







Print Run
(2,500 units for both Domestic and International)
(Limited to 2 Copies for Single Edition and 1 Set for One Click)
*Full Slip A: Numbered 301 to 600
*Full Slip B : Numbered 301 to 700
*Lenticular Full Slip : Numbered 301 to 900
*Lenticular Magnet Quarter Slip(OC Only): Numbered 1 to 300 <-- Exclusive to One Click
*One Click : Numbered 1 to 300 (4 Steelbooks)

- Full sized Glossy Booklet, Photo Card(5ea), Character Card(7ea) Exclusive Numbering Sticker, Exclusive Release Sticker(Faux Leather with Gold Foil Stamping) + Exclusive Lenticular Sticker + Spec Sheet

- Full Slip A: Spot Glossy + Spot Holofoil + Spot Gold Foil + Embossing
- Full Slip B: Glossy Logo Pattern background + Spot Glossy + Spot Gold Foil + Embossing
- Lenticular Full Slip(PET) - Full Sided Lenticular Full Slip with 3D+Depth and Color changing spine
- Lenticular Magnet Quarter Slip - 3D+Depth Lenticular (Frame Size) + Spot Gold Foil + Glossy + Embossing
- Leather Box - High Quality Faux Leather + Gold Foil Logo Stamping + Black Velvet finish inside + Magnet Door

Release Discussion & Info : Click Here

Estimated Release Date: March 10th 2017

Group Buy Price:

MSRP+HDN/Pp Fees+ Direct Ship Cost:
Single Edition(s) - $43.50 ea + Ship direct from Manta Lab
One Click - $172.16 + Ship direct from Manta Lab

Group Buy Close Date: January 29th 2017, Payment Due Date January 30th 2017.

Less than 5 One Clicks Left.
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1x full slip A to Israel please . thanks
Edit: if possible I'd like to change to fullslip B Please @Aniv thanks
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