[CLOSED] [GIVE-AWAY] Pan's Labyrinth #004 (Mondo X SteelBook)


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Jun 21, 2013

Hey Ninjas! Up for grabs is a brand new copy of the Mondo x SteelBook #004- Pan's Labyrinth.

All you have to do to win is to thank this thread.

*Give-Away will be open until Tuesday, September 22nd at 11:59 pm EDT.*

*Winner will be contacted Wednesday, September 23rd.*

The Rules

  • Limit of 1x entry (1x thanks) per Ninja
  • Winner will be selected via Random.org, from an alphabetical list of Ninjas who thanked the thread.
An example list for winner selection:
#1. aNinja
#2. bNinja
#3. cNinja

Random.org Selection Process Example:
Range 1-3 Entered
Result: #2
#2 on list Wins: bNinja
  • Winner must pay for shipping
    • Please note the steelbook is shipping from @Drum18 in Canada. Please visit his group buy threads for an idea of shipping costs for 1x steelbook to your country.
  • The winner will have (5) days to respond & arrange shipping payment. If shipping has not been arranged, the steelbook will be passed on to the next random winner.
If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to contact me. Have fun all and good luck! :happy:
*Update: 9/23/15*
Hey everyone! I want thank all the Ninjas who participated and had interest in this give-away. Last night after the give-away "closed" at 11:59 pm EDT, I complied the list of those who thanked this thread, in alphabetical order of usernames.

So, without further ado, here's the final list that was used to select our winner!

Congrats to @BulleTooth13
He's just won a brand new copy of the Mondo x Steelbook #004 -- Pan's Labyrinth! :woot:

Selection Process:
  • Total # of Thanks: 58
  • Range 1-58 Entered on Random.org
  • #12 Selected -- @BulleTooth13 is Winner!
  1. afiaf

  2. Agent_DVD

  3. Akina

  4. ammar

  5. Asopp

  6. bigfub

  7. bigrob

  8. bigwednesday0

  9. bobino66

  10. bornready

  11. Bruckle

  12. BulleTooth13

  13. Civer

  14. ckman88

  15. claudius181991

  16. Collectus

  17. comICS-soon

  18. DADDYCOOL187

  19. darczap

  20. DasFueller

  21. dfoles

  22. hal9000b

  23. hatredhorror

  24. Hosenstrumpf

  25. Jcoe0723

  26. Joanie Mason

  27. jonnie123

  28. Kuzco

  29. kynyoo

  30. Leafs17

  31. Malky78

  32. metal hunter

  33. Mikaelson

  34. MrBMT

  35. Nazereth

  36. nefilim

  37. nexor

  38. oodbastoagogo

  39. paddytom

  40. pi2loc

  41. Raggle Fraggle!

  42. Raimi

  43. RhodW

  44. Ricardo13

  45. Ricker

  46. RomanCH

  47. runk0002

  48. shadow2351jl

  49. shlomo_mk

  50. slayerdaniel

  51. Slinchafi

  52. SteelCollz

  53. Strangerbyday

  54. turtle31

  55. unam9

  56. wongsifu

  57. xenith25

  58. YellowCake
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Jul 2, 2015
Florida, USA
Ohh! I've always wanted to check this movie out...I bought a couple of the Mondo steelbooks and was considering this one...But I went with the ones I knew I liked. Hope to win so I can finally see it!

Thanks, and good luck everyone!
Feb 5, 2013
Thank you very much for this amazing giveaway!

I might not have good internet at the time the winner is announced, so if it's me, don't hesitate to bomb me with PMs