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[CLOSED] Thor Ragnarok E1 (FilmArena Collection #112) Group Buy [WORLDWIDE]

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[OPEN] Thor Ragnarok E1 (FilmArena Collection #112) Group Buy [WORLDWIDE] - Official HDN GB for FilmArena exclusive of Thor Ragnarok

Members who will sign up for both GBs (E1 + E2)
will get these two editions packed in a free HARDBOX fullslip.

Please remember this information when planning your shipping combination.

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Release thread: Thor Ragnarok

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Sep 1, 2015
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No paypal notes. I sent E-mail with the information.
Feb 26, 2019
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Hi i just paid and it didn't give me the option to add the notes so i sent it via email, you should see my two transactions and a a follow up email.