Color Out Of Space (4K+Blu-ray Ultimate Edition) [Germany]


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Apr 14, 2012
Release date: April 23, 2020
Purchase link: Amazon DE
Price: €88.99
Note: Includes CD as well

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^^ They've included two previous films that were story related, The Curse and Die Monster Die.
The other discs, I can only guess but there's obviously one for 4K, Blu, I think the OST, Special Features and possibly even a dvd.
I may need this in my life....:watch:
The weirdest thing about this release is that the title is in English on the art cards & on the poster, but in german on the discs & the boxart.
Tad all over the place.
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Stunning looking set, but the German title means it's a no-go for me... not that I can afford it anyway.
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The color from space appears in four different Blu-ray / UHD variants. The regular Blu-ray only contains 13 minutes of removed scenes.
At the media books you get the UHD and BD of the film and on top of that a bonus Blu-ray with featurettes.
These consist of a featurette with a running time of 20 minutes, pictures of the world premiere in Toronto, and almost 13 minutes of interviews with cast & crew. There will also be an audio podcast with Richard Stanley and an interview with the director. Four short films by Stanley and Patrick Müller follow and the booklet with texts by Christoph Huber and Stefan Jung concludes the offer.
The Ultimate Edition is not cheap, but it opens the big barrel. In addition to the fat media book itself, there are a total of seven discs and six retro poster photos, two DIN A1 posters, the 12-page booklet and a 104-page original reprint of the "Amazing Stories" magazine, which published the HP Lovecraft story for the first time .
The seven discs are divided between the three discs of the regular media books (i.e. UHD, BD and Bonus-BD) and are supplemented by all three previous film versions of the book template on a further Blu-ray film. These consist of the 2010er Die Farbe , The Curse from 1987 and The Horror at Witley Castle from 1965. All three films have bonus material such as audio comments and making-ofs.
Due to FSK-18 approval from The Curse , the complete Ultimate Edition is only available for ages 18+. There is no difference in the main film to the single BD / UHD. The Ult is rounded off. Edition from the soundtrack CD to the film.
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Nice set and no and repack of the old discs. The other movies included in this set had a former Blu-Ray release, but are mostly sold out.
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saw the movie yesterday, i like it.
looked if there was a nice edition, found this one.
I am obviously turned off by the german title, but amazon germany is selling it for 75eur.
watched an unboxing video and the content looks really nice. ordered.
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