Damaged steelbooks due to flimsy packaging


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Jun 17, 2018
So again, I received 2 steelbooks(The Boondock Saints Mondo X & "The Day The Earth Stood Still" from '51) (this time from Amazon) and both arrived dented purely because of the flimsy packaging...
Half the time when I receive a "replacement" it's dented as well. It's just a stupid endless cycle!

I've complained a lot to Amazon and Zavvi (as those are the ones where I mainly order) and each time again I get to hear from Amazon that they'll "put the feedback forwards to higher up" and Zavvi keeps telling me "we don't receive enough complaints to change the packaging".
I'm so done and pissed off with this ****.
Why is it so hard to include a better packaging option?? I sincerely hate it when this happens... Especially if you're a long time customer I would imagine they could do something about this.

Am I the only one with this issue? Or do you have any tricks to get better packaging or anything that helps so it does not arrive damaged...?


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Jan 13, 2016
@WaxWeazle: I think the described problem becomes more and more general, not just steelbook-related, and hits all of us. Online retailers would like to bring down shipping cost to a minimum, thus they simply put stuff into jiffy bags or thin paper envelopes. I regularly complain about amarays as well regarding dipped covers, creases, tears, crushed cases, etc. Amazon.com used to be great, now probably the worst. Steelbooks and slipcovers, fullslips, digipacks are icing on the cake. In a world where everything becomes more and almost exclusively online/webstore based (e.g. HMW in the UK is about to be closed down), careful handling and secure shipping would be critical, but it seems to have the lowest priority. I usually place larger orders with multiple items, and hope for shipping in a box or cardboard mailer. The other option would be the multiple order of the same item, but it would consume much more money, and wouldn't guarantee anything at all...