Death Proof (Blu-ray Ultimate Collector's Edition #2) (Reel Synergy Productions) (Supreme Team)


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Feb 26, 2013
Release date: January 2020
Limited to 60

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Jul 6, 2016
happy days. :woot: jeez, i don't know where to start. so, first off a massive thanks :thanks: :notworthy: to any and all involved in creating, producing, and sending out this masterpiece. :wow: Tarantino isn't even my all time favourite director, and this is not his best film...
...but my goodness this is the best edition of a Tarantino film i've ever seen. actually, it's one of the best editions of a film i've ever seen. and i thought Reel Synergy RS UCE1 Django Unchained couldn't be beat. i know there's a load of pics on site already, but i absolutely had to post some of my own. if you are just interested in the pics? here's the album.
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ok, let's get into it.
first off, there was no way this was getting damaged in the mail. the packaging was excellent, and would have withstood even a Chinapost employee who thought it was a blufans release. plus, keep that crepe paper coming. no idea why, but it adds to the anticipation, as did the extra box with its expectation-heightening label, and the cloth bag. if you are interested, literal unboxing pics under the spoiler:
i'd managed to stay away from the spoiler thread, so the leatherette box and etched glass title were a massive surprise. :wow: throughout, it's those little touches - the metal opening catch, the white stitching - which elevate everything still higher :hungry::
the main top image is reversible:
when you start opening it, it's like a miniature luxury hamper. each package reveals something new and interesting, and you guys did a great job managing to fit it all in. i don't even want to know how long it took you to gauge how big the box needed to be! here are some shots of what you get:
and this is everything you get:
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that attention to detail goes into overdrive on the goodes: the recipe card, the radio card, the notebook with the names scribbled in it, the key, the sticker, the pin....
onto the actual films. i obviously wasn't paying attention, as i did not realise this was coming with both the extended edition of Death Proof and also the Grindhouse steelbook. i really liked the photos inside the extended amaray, and love the extra detail on the back:
the full slip for Grindhouse has the same level of detail as the one for Django - great imagery, good detailing, inner printed aspects:
finally, the booklet is small, but again packed with info. like the distressing detail!
this release is an example of what happens when you get film nerds with an obsession with physical media to design a presentation for a film they love. creators we salute you. put me down for every RS_UCE upcoming. :thumbs: :watch:
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Jan 10, 2012
sorry i don't understand, theese Real Sinergy Editions are not for everybody? i can't find sell thread ( even if is sold out )


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