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Feb 14, 2013
Berkshire (UK)
Hi all,
This is my collection of lenticulars/custom lenticulars. Some came with lenticulars, some I made from pre-existing dvd/bluray slips, and others I had custom printed:

Let's start off with the seelbooks that come with Lenticulars:

Thor: The Dark World (Kimchi/KOR)

Life Of Pi (UK)

Man Of Steel (US)

Looper (CA)

Hansel & Gretel (DE)

The Wolverine (FR)

Custom made (from existing DVD/Bluray slips)


Batman Begins

Source Code


The Day After Tomorrow

The Cabin In The Woods

Independence Day

Iron Man


Custom Printed

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire

Update 09/06/2014

Iron Man 2

Iron Man 3



Sin City

In Time


Hansel & Gretel

The Prestige

47 Ronin

Update 24/07/2014

The Wolverine

The Hunger Games

The Hunger Games: Catching Fire v2

Tron Legacy

Tron Legacy v2 (to fit VMB)


Captain America

Batman Begins

The Dark Knight

The Dark Knight Rises

Update 12/08/2014

Divergent (3D)

World War Z (3D)

The Dark Knight Rises (3D)

The Last of Us (3D)

It's been a while since I updated this, so here are a few more:
Update 04/01/2015

The Amazing Spiderman 2 (3D)

Iron Man 3 v2 (3D)

Guardians of the Galaxy (3D - Custom Slipcover)

Tomb Raider (3D)

Gravity (3D Slipcover)

Godzilla (3D Slipcover)
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Makaveli the Don...
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Apr 23, 2014
Thats a nice collection of steelbooks mate thanks for takeing your timeout to post these wonderfull pictures appreciate it and all the best in the future with your journey of steelbooks...
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Nov 6, 2013
Great collection :thumbs: I love Lentis, too :drool: ... and now I see that there are still some missing in my collection :cool:
Edit: Well, I must have been too excited by watching the great pics that I read over that some of them are custom made ... but of course still great looking
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Feb 14, 2013
Berkshire (UK)
Thanks Ron.
Please feel free to 'thank' it - every thanks helps :thumbs:
You never know, there might be a lenticular award one day, and I want it!