Doctor Who: The Evil of the Daleks (Blu-ray SteelBook) [UK]

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Feb 22, 2013
Release date: September 27, 2021
Purchase links: Zavvi - HMV - Amazon UK
Price: £29.99 (Zavvi - Amazon) - £32.99 (HMV)


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Jul 27, 2012
I haven't been a fan of the recent animation steelbooks, with the Tardis being surrounded by monsters and the characters' backs on the back. This is pretty much more of the same, BUT I can't say no to a cover with the Emperor Dalek looking that awesome. Plus, the standard cover is looking a little underwhelming so I think this will be the one for me. Three discs included, so should have a good selection of extras.


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Jul 6, 2016
i'm surprised about what the Doctor appears to be doing on the inner art. looks to really be seeking better grip and purchase. not often you hear of the Doctor going for a reach around (that's usually more of a Captain Jack thing). :LOL: