Dumb Money - In theaters September 22, 2023


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Title: Dumb Money

Genre: Drama, Comedy

Director: Craig Gillespie

Cast: Paul Dano, Pete Davidson, Vincent D'Onofrio, America Ferrera, Nick Offerman, Anthony Ramos, Sebastian Stan, Shailene Woodley, Seth Rogen, Dane DeHaan, Myha'la Herrold, Talia Ryder

Release: 2023-09-22

Plot: Based on the insane true story of the GameStop short squeeze, Dumb Money centers on the everyday investors who flipped the script on the rich – with aftershocks that reverberated around the world. In the middle of it all is regular guy Keith Gill (Paul Dano), who sinks his life savings into a single stock: GameStop, the mall videogame retailer, which he’s convinced is undervalued. If he’s wrong, he’ll lose everything. But if he’s right, and if he can convince other ordinary Joes to join the movement, then they’ll rocket GameStop to the moon – leaving billionaires holding the bag.

Oh, they made a movie about this, already!
Just a reminder of another missed opportunity, like BTC.
Still going to watch it, 'cause I'm a sucker... for such films.
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Still going to watch it, 'cause I'm a sucker... for such films.
Looks like this could be entertaining... I'll be watching this as well. Has a The Big Short kind of feel, albeit more comedic. I'm also a fan of Margin Call, if you want to go the more dramatic route. Anyway, yeah, this looks worthwhile.
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