Expanded PSN may launch in Spring 2010

Apr 17, 2009
San Diego, CA
Website Fortune reports that Sony may be looking to launch its expanded PlayStation Network service in spring 2010.

According to Sony Corporation bigwig Sir Howard Stringer, the service is expected to make Sony products "talk to each other efficiently," making it easier for punters to handle digital camera images, edit videos and share content. Furthermore, incentives will be put in place for ?brand loyalists,? such as discounts and premium services.

Global PlayStation boss Kazuo Hirai commented: ?It?s now a matter of what all the services need to look like for each device, and coming up with a rollout plan,? adding, ?It?s like city planning here, and we can start small. We don?t need to build New York City overnight.?

We'll have more developments on Sony's plans for PSN as they become available.
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