Slipbox Foxcatcher (Blu-ray Slipbox) (Plain Archive Exclusive No.22) [Korea]

Mar 21, 2013
South Korea
Release date: March 31, 2016 - Pre-order on February 29 at 4 PM (Korea time)
Purchase link:
- (850 Limited print run / Only 250 copies for overseas customers) - Sold out
- Triple Pack with The Imitation Game Postcards Set - Sold out
- Triple Pack - Sold out
Price: $33.29 | $95.67 (Triple Pack)
Note: (The pre-order will be this February and the steelbook version will be released later - TBC)

* Video : 1.85:1 Wide Screen (1080p/MPEG4-AVC)
* Audio : DTS-HD Master Audio 5.1ch (English)
* Subtitles : Korean, English
* Special Feature :
  • Local Commentary
  • Making the film (HD, 17min)
  • Deleted Scene (HD, 5min)
  • Trailer (HD, 2:30min)

Slipbox | Keepcase | Booklet

12742374_829195313891619_6956851671449057723_n.jpg FY1UA9.jpg 12764563_828367123974438_8255081669927853260_o.jpg
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I really hope that this fullslip will be reserved for one of the steelbook's version, because if not i'll probably pass for the keepcase edition and will wait for the steellbook's one.
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For the fullslip, it will be probably this artwork from Jonathan Burton that Plain presented in December (#022 on the spine)

It's just been confirmed by them on Facebook, this is the full slip for the keep case edition.

Here's hoping they don't pull more Jonathan Burton out of their hat for the steelbook/s.
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I really love the Jonathan Burton artwork and was hoping it would be on the steelbook.
I'm going to have to get this edition now, but really want the steelbook as well.

I'm assuming the steelbook edition(s) probably won't use any of this artwork.
I'm thinking about getting additional copy of this keepcase as a present for a close friend

What's your experience guys with orderding 2 copies during PA's pre-orders? If I'll be quick enough do I have a chance to get two lower numbers?