Aug 25, 2020
sorry to post this here, but I can't help but say what I think about the team that "manages" else where ...

so far, user of many platforms (BR.com, HDN, ebay ... and this bullshit ...) because let's not hide it, it's a vast farce ...

I have, on many occasions, discussed with their admins ... they all say they live in the world of Disney ... everyone loves each other, everyone is nice ... and above all, we do this on a voluntary basis , we only take costs that allow the maintenance of the site ... bla bla bla ...

member for quite a year there, they released two years ago I believe, their Tier Membership program ... which at the base, mainly granted a priority to register on the GB blufans, oab ...
of course, it pays off !!! 100 USD per year for a PLATINUM ... well, that was for 2019 ... because with the covid, it increased to 120 USD !!!
you understand, in this difficult period where many had diffculties ... lost their jobs ... they said to themselves that this would help us increase their prices by 20% ...

but beware, for this price, you will have many advantages ... well no ... nothing more, it's just more expensive !!!

you should also know that many had credit on their site, sometimes tens of USD ... but at renewal, everything disappeared as if by magic, and of course, no way to recover them, they had to be used before. ..
it would have been good to be warned ... but so much more advantageous for them ...

let's move on to the new nugget of the moment ... the exponential increase of shipping costs ...

again, I agree to pay the right price... but we all know how much it costs to ship direct from our editions ... we also all know that more a significant number of editions are sent to one person, the more the shipping cost per edition is decreasing ...

some examples :

IT BLACK BARONS -> 18 USD for 2 editions + 5 USD for the Harbox ...
I'm hallucinating ....

BvS HDZ + THE MULE HDZ -> editions yet sent together ... well no ... full payment ... 36 USD for 2 editions ...

HEAT WCL -> a hundred registered in their GB, and 25 USD of shipping costs requested per member !!!
Was else where really charged 2500 USD in shipping costs ??? let me laugh ...

I would really like to have access to the retailers invoices and to check for myself ...

I forgot to finish that I am fed up with reading internally that HDN does everything wrong, HDN is not serious .... well it's quite the opposite !!!
else where takes its members for idiots, cash cows ...
the only answer they know how to give is "you can go and look elsewhere" or ban yourself!

at least here, on HDN, everything is clear, nothing is hidden ... here, we know the allocations at the opening of each GB, the GB are not opened too quickly ...
rules do not change at the last moment ...

I invite each member of else where to ask themselves the right questions!
I invite you all to order more on HDN, rather than on this bullshit site ...

so a last word, FU ** MEDIAPIPO, and GO GO GO HDN !!!!

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@Daubt Feel free to give us a shout if you need assistance. Meanwhile this thread should help

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The fact the majority of their staff and hosts are made up of banned members from here says a lot, and I've heard some horror stories about them practically stealing from members only to ban them when they question anything. No way I'd trust them with my money!

Whatever your views are on the fees here at HDN, at least you have the comfort of knowing you're in good/safe hands compared to other sites. Plus our fees aren't there for profit either, but to simply help run the site. In some cases I know GB hosts have actually lost money trying to help others, so it's always appreciated if folks tip when they can. :)


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Jun 4, 2013
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I can’t stress this enough. And a lot here will already know this. But be very careful of them over there. They are shady as f**k and my best advice is leave or don’t even join. Or for fun get yourself banned. Mention MBs eBay account. That should do the trick

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Jan 26, 2018
Tbh I think they just give you access to almost everything the market has to offer but yes, it's kinda pricey to order from there. This being known, I've used their service just to gain access to MLife's because there's no other way around. This knowing about the fees and the double shipping (passing through the hub I mean). It's a matter of priorities I think.

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Jan 19, 2015
I’ll say this, the community we have here is much better and welcoming. Our services here are SOLID.

Over there they provide some services that we don’t have access to, and for that I’ve ordered through them and had no issues. But I have definitely heard of many issues there so tread carefully. depending on the gb host, the shipping costs can vary GREATLY, which is a shame. I think you end up always paying more over there, but sometimes have a better chance at securing a copy.

At the end of the day though, HDN reigns king. There have been some hiccups due to covid, but HDN has always been an amazing and fair experience.