Game of Thrones - The Complete Collector's Set (Blu-ray Limited Edition Box Set) [USA]


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Jul 6, 2016
Received my set a little early, as the release date is December 2. Mine is the Nordic (Finland/Sweden/Norway/Denmark) version, but it should be similar to the US and UK versions. Overall, it's a really cool set imo. The outer box is made of wood, while the individual cases are vinyl-like cases and made of thick cardboard. The wooden box was packaged in a styrofoam-padded cardboard box, which was nice as it prevented damage during transit.

The diorama image formed by the cases looks really nice in person. The box set has 3 additional bonus discs and the season cases have 4 discs per season (seasons 1-6) and seasons 7-8 have 3 discs each. The bonus sleeve also includes a small booklet, which was disappointing, as it basically only lists the contents of the discs + episodes. No character bios, episode synopses, family trees or maps. At least it has nice artwork, but the booklet could and should have been a lot better. Luckily all the retailer exclusive bonus features are included on the bonus discs. Conquest & Rebellion is also included.

The set is also a lot bigger than I expected. I honestly thought it would be only slightly bigger than regular Blu-ray box sets, but it's huge. I put one steelbook in a couple of pictures as comparison. The box set doesn't really include that many goodies, only the Hand of the King pin (that is used to lock the leather strap on the side of the box), the small booklet and a thank you letter.

Here are some pics of the set. Overall, a really nice and beautiful set, but I would have preferred to have some sort of book (or a bigger booklet) that would have included some character bios, maps etc. The artwork on the sleeves is beautiful and two-sided. However, the sleeves are really impractical to slide in or out of the box, as they're so closely packed in, so they tend to stuck onto each other and it's a bit of a hassle to get them out (or put them back in). The box set also has two protective and translucent plastic films next to season 1 sleeve and the bonus sleeve. They can easily be slided out of the box, but I prefer to have them, as it creates a window-like look to the diorama and prevents dust from getting into the diorama.

thanks very much for the detailed run-down! :woot: :thumbs:

you are right, it is proper big, and i have proper run out of space.

and yet... :hungry:
Aug 25, 2013
I still think the single season digibooks are the best versions, I'd probably trade all my steels for them
Jan 24, 2019
I still have many doubts with this edition . I already have all the digipaks and the truth is that I love them and I don't know if it is justified to pay this price for this collector's edition. It is true that it is very large but I also see it somewhat empty of content. I do not know, every day I wake up with a different opinion and from what I see here it does not seem to be a set that has excited people. I am sure that if this pack had come out with the whole series in 4K, I would not have doubted it, but I am not sure about that. It is curious because with the spectacular edition of Middle-earth I had no doubt in buying it.


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Nov 13, 2017
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Mine arrived 2 days ago and I think it is absolutely gorgeous.
I did not have any previous editions of GoT as I knew that on series completion there would be a full set of some nature so waited for it to happen.
No regrets whatsoever.
First it is BIG, like really big, like overkill big.
Second, it's heavy, quite heavy. Understandable considering the materials used I suppose.
Third, the artwork of the entire package is top tier imho. A lot of love and attention went into this, far more than just printing off a bunch of slip covers.

I was fortunate in that mine arrived in immaculate condition. Always a concern with something of this nature traveling long distance.
Superbly packaged in triple box (internally padded with bubble sheet on box 2) if it had been dropped I think it still would have survived.

So, if like me, you have held off on any fancy packaging in the past or simply want to upgrade, this is certainly worth your consideration.
My hats off to HBO for making this happen! :thanks:



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Nov 13, 2017
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I'm gonna take a moment to wax poetic of why I find this set so incredible.
Just skip this post if you don't care; ;)

Over All Presentation;
- This is certainly an eye-catcher and hard to overlook when you walk into your media room and see it on the shelf.

- The case is made of wood. Very few of my premiums have that material used, (some UHD Premiums and Wicker Man (dvd) the only ones that spring to mind)
- Some have commented that the sleeves would have been better suited to wood. I disagree, as robust as Blu-rays are, I think eventually they would scratch were it so.
- The leather tabs on each season pane make it extremely easy to find and remove the particular season you are watching
- The plastic windows are removable for cleaning, an excellent idea!
- The slots each pane slides into are strong and evenly spaced
- The box closure is leather and riveted to the wood case for stability. A great idea. The Hand of the King pin is an excellent fastening device (note, the leather is brand new so I'm not concerned with the effort rq'd to insert the pin, it will loosen up).
- The artwork on each sleeve is gorgeous and SO MUCH better than had they used pics from the film in some sort of collage, imho. Yes you need to be careful with the disc retaining tabs but no more so than many packages I own and far better than using plastic tabs that could easily break with little chance of replacement.
- Once placed, it ain't goin' nowhere. unless you live in an earthquake prone area, no fears of this falling off a shelf.
- The protective cardboard box is quite attractive as well and I'll probably use it when I'm done watching the series to protect from dust (which I have an issue with, heh).

- Well, ya get all the shows and a plethora of extras. Also a nice episode ToC book.
I'm not one who cares about superfluous 'naff (like postcards, groan, just why?) so actually happy it's not cluttered with stuff I'd probably throw in a drawer or lose anyway.
- For those so set up, I do wish they had made you a 4K edition. Fortunately(?) I don't have that concern. (also the price would have been much higher I imagine and the price already scares some folk for some reason (more on that below).
- Not much else to say really, it has what I wanted it to have.

So yeah, I am in awe with this set.
Now regarding price. Well, it's dropped already (on Amz at least) and when I consider what folks paid for each individual season, either in digi-pack or Steel, this is an absolute bargain, imho.
As for just getting the full set in the cardboard box, well sure, if say you already have the Steels and want a more convenient option for frequent viewing but since I don't, this CE puts the boxed set to shame and that box is not cheap either.
Also, comparing the price of this beauty to some of my Premium Editions (BF, FAC, HDZ etc) a helluva a bigger bang for the buck I'd say!

There we are. A great set in a great presentation for a reasonable price.
My new fave Premium! :cigar:

edit: now if I put thought to an alternative design that would have been gorgeous as well; how about a weathered-metal statue of the Throne (with possibly a removable Sean Bean fig), with all the discs housed in the base?
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Oct 11, 2017
^^ That's... not something I'd post buddy...
I didn’t even get a choice, they just randomly did it. I didn’t instigate it.

I guess from their end they must have had information that said the parcel was lost but I didn’t tell them that.


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Dec 25, 2013
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Knowingly taking a refund for something you've taken receipt of due to the sender thinking it was lost is actually fraud.

I would be hoping no one screenshots this and reports you to Amazon and have them cross reference their orders with your name which I assume 'Brad Holdaway' if i were you
Oct 11, 2017
Knowingly taking a refund for something you've taken receipt of due to the sender thinking it was lost is actually fraud.

I would be hoping no one screenshots this and reports you to Amazon and have them cross reference their orders with your name which I assume 'Brad Holdaway' if i were you
Jeez, well when you play it like that...

Not a lot I can do now, it’s out there and I can’t edit it, so...